Monday, September 22, 2014

A Week in the Life (v2014.22)

Please ignore my AWFUL singing (I promise that I won't quit my day job) -- apparently someone really loves the original and also thinks that Mama is a BAD BAD BAD singer.  (Watch him dancing (i.e. wrist twisting) until I start to sing and then he tries to sing)

Playing with the keyboard that Opa gave her

My dear, dear Munky

Munky & Fish

Finn's claddagh ring

Fish falling over on the bed

Trying to make macarons

Finn's view leaving the zoo

Trying to take a selfie with Mama

Deep truth

Dinner time!

Learning all about spoon power

Kitchen floor antics

Kitchen floor tea party -- everyone was invited

Fish gets very excited about bath time -- the squeals can be heard 'round the block

Every Fish loves a bath

Going to an alumni watch party for the Iowa Hawkeyes football team

My girl

My beaus

Little Hawkeye cheerleader

Cheering for the Hawks

Finn had her first chicken wing!

Nailed it! (And ate the whole darn thing!!!!)

My boy

Daddy dressed her

Fish's Irish is coming out!  Digging on the tea biscuits.

She loved her new leotards for gymnastics -- we had to put it on the moment it got taken out of the package.

We hit up the Farmpark last week -- some docile lazy sheep

We did this same photo about a year ago.  See here -- someone has grown!

There were ponies loose in the arena -- they were Finn's size.

Pony love

Trying to get a photo with Rosie the Goat.  She had different ideas.

Rose had an appetite.  An appetite for our map!!!!!!!!!  And she got it!!!!!

After that, Fish wasn't too sure about Rosie.

Best smell in the whole entire world -- EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (Baby chicken under a heat lamp)

The Farmpark had six day old piglets.

Finn loved them!

Playing with markers

Fish is getting his voice

Our usual dinner conversations

Ordinary morning at our house

Morning Fish

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