Sunday, September 21, 2014

Back to school

In the past week, sickness has engulfed our house.  Okay, engulfed is a little dramatic, but when I'm sick, it isn't pretty.  Fish started with a cold on Thursday.  There was lots of drool and lots of snot.  So I naturally assumed that his second bottom tooth was breaking through (which I still think that it is) and wasn't careful in maintaining my healthy status.  Yesterday morning, the cold took over me.  Sore throat and a nose that felt like it is five times it's normal size.  By the end of the day, I was under a heavy blanket while it was 80 degrees in our room.  And last night, Finn was hit.  Except she didn't have the sore throat and the snots, she had a fever, chills, and was throwing up.  I felt 500 times better by midnight when the kids woke me up.  And as of this morning, Finn is acting quite normal.  I did give her some Tylenol as she still felt warm when she woke up.  So we will see how the day progresses.  Our fingers are crossed that E doesn't get our sickness.

But before the three of us got sick, I was able to hit up a little red schoolhouse in our area and snap some photos of the two kiddos in their "back to school" gear.  I feel slightly better that it's practically a month late in realizing that they aren't actually going to school,   Fish was a perfect angel for the photos despite not wanting to smile for me.  Finn was another story.  She has LOTS of other ideas of what she wanted to do and none of them were sitting pretty for me.  But despite her shenanigans, I was able to get some really great photos of the two of them.

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