Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Gone fishin' at 32 weeks

---According to our unofficial weigh-in, Fish is tipping the scales at 22 pounds and is 29.5 long!!!
---Fish is currently in size 3 diapers.  But he is known to "borrow" sister's size 4's and have no issues with them.  I think this is our last box of size 3's.  Why have two different size diapers in the house when you don't really need them?  So at 7 months old, Fish is going to be in the same size diapers as his sister...
---He is currently sporting size 9-12 month clothes with his jeans being 12-18 months. The 9-12 month stuff is sometimes short, depending on the brand.  But I'm trying to keep him little for as long as I can... 
---Breastfeeding is going strong.  My goal is 12 months and that means that we only have 4.5 months left.  It seems like just yesterday that he was born, but so long ago at the same time. 

Total second child syndrome -- I haven't taken any photos with my big-girl camera lately...  Phone photos it is. 

---Dude is a serious eater.  He LOVES food.  He still eats the purees (2 oz of fruit with an oz of oatmeal or barley for breakfast and an oz of fruit & 2 oz of veggies for dinner).  We also started giving him yogurt bites, which are his current favorite.  He totally recognizes his bowls in the cupboard and starts squawking the minute that I can one out.  His wrists start rolling (which is his "I'M-SO-EXCITED!!!!!!' sign) and he will not calm down until that first bowl is gone.  He is also a big "tea biscuit" eater now.  He makes a big mess and I'm thinking that only about 60% of the biscuit gets eaten, but he really enjoys them.
---We have one official tooth!  The second is breaking through currently.  I see the white mark, but it hasn't broken out yet. 
---We are still not rolling all over the place.  I spoke with the doctor during his last appointment.  She said that as long as he has rolled once each way, it's nothing to be concerned about.  She said that a lot of bigger babies don't roll at all.

---And the doctor is even less concerned because he is an accomplished sitter.  She said that he will probably never be a big roller.  He doesn't really fall over anymore (although I'm still afraid to sit him on our kitchen floor for the rare chance that he is going to crash and burn and really hit his head on the tile -- so he sits on our padded mats against the cupboard doors).  He really likes sitting up and can reach for toys that are out of his reach. 
---We are not crawling yet.  He is starting this new thing when he is sitting up, he will lean off to the side with both of his hands on the ground and try to reach out as far as he can go to get whatever it is that is out of his reach. 
---He has finally become a big TALKER.  His latest is lots of "dadadada" and this deep guttural "AAAAAAHHHHHH" like a scary monster on Halloween .  

---He still isn't sleeping through the night.  He now only wakes up once during the night to feed, which helps with my sleep.  And he falls asleep for the evening around 8:30-9:00 and is usually up in the morning by 7:30.
---Another new development is that he is throwing things.  When he sits up in his pack 'n play, he will pull himself over to the side of the pack 'n play and start picking things up and throwing them over the edge.  At first, I thought it was a mistake, but then I saw at least 3-4 toys/socks on the floor in a heap.  He also likes to "rock" his pack 'n play by scooting his butt back and forth to get the floor of the pack 'n play swinging.
---He LOVES his sister, like I mean, seriously LOVES his sister.  She gets giggles, smiles, and belly laughs all the time.
---He has developed a strong attachment to having a blanket at night -- though he doesn't like being covered by a blanket.  I received two flannel sheets, which are his favorites.  He will fight sleeping until he gets one of those flannels and then he will settle down immediately.  The flannels don't need to be covering his legs, but it has to cover at least one arm or be in his hand and be up by one side of his face.
---One of his favorite times of the day is bath time.  I put him on the floor while I fill the tub and the minute he hears the water, he starts screeching and scooting on his butt.  And he sits up in the bath and splashes water all over the place.
---Unfortunately the bugs are attracted to him, just like they are attracted to me.  He got five bug bites one night while we were out and no one else got any (except me and I only got two).

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