Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Our lately

Finn Lately:  We have enrolled our little girl in a gymnastics class for being such a big girl and giving up her binks to the Bink Fairy.  Our tale was that little girls with binks couldn't go to gymnastics class and so once the binks were gone, she would be a big girl and she could attend gymnastics class.  Our first class was a pretty big failure.  But I think that most of that could be placed squarely on my shoulders.

Fail #1:  I've never been to a gymnastics class, so I didn't know exactly what to expect.  I expected lots of somersaults with little girls playing together.  Couldn't be further from the truth.  We were the late because we had to sign paperwork before entering the gym floor.  So we missed the stretches.  There were about 20 little girls in her class.  And they all knew the routine -- meaning they had all been there before.  So we hung back and were usually the last ones to do something so I could watch the other little girls go and knew what to tell Finn to do.  Let me tell you -- there was NO play between the little girls there.  It was pretty serious business, like most of these parents were trying to mold their little girls into gymnastics already.

Fail #2:  It was a very active gym.  It is advertised as being over 1,200 sq feet, which means large.  And every single inch of the gym was filled with something or someone.  There were two feet walk-ways between apparatuses.  And Finn was quite wont to run over to another apparatus to do something else instead of what we were doing.  The only issue with that was that there were lots of high school girls on EVERYTHING.  I envisioned her stepping in front of a poor girl sprinting down to vault and breaking legs, both Finn's and the older girls.  But that also led to a severe distraction on Finn's part.  She saw big girls (whom she idolizes) doing other things and wanted to do THOSE things, not the things that our instructors told us to do.

Fail #3:  I was stressed out -- not knowing the routine of what's going on as well as being petrified that I was going to end up being sued by an injured gymnastic by the end of the evening.  I was sweating by the end, literally.

I only signed her up for four weeks and I think that after four weeks, we are going to locate to another more friendly gym that lets little girls be little girls and not serious training to be gymnastics stars.  We were hoping to use the classes as ways for Finn to interact with little girls her age.  And unless Finn wants to continue with gymnastics when she turns 3, we are going to try dance at that point (which I'm more familiar with).

Plus I'm beginning to search local daycares for an early discovery preschool setting for Finn to go to a couple of mornings a week for little kid interactions.  I'll keep you posted on that as well.

Fish Lately:  He has been sick with boogers.  He had a cold when he was a couple of weeks old, but since that point, hasn't been sick again.  And I'm glad -- he is a miserable sick (as I'm sure that Finn was at that age, I just don't remember it).  I can't remember having so many boogers smeared on my chest (I'm sure that I blocked it out of my mind from Finn).  In addition to his sickness, he has also been breaking his first teeth.  The first one came in last week and the next one will probably be showing up this week -- it's there, just not quite pushed out yet.

He also shows no interest in being on his stomach to learn how to crawl -- or even roll over more than a handful of times.  All he wants to do is stand up.  Seriously.  I think he will probably walk before he crawls.  Fish thinks he is such a big deal when he stands up.  His chest even puffs out, his eyes light up, and his smiles just beam.

Along with the cold and the teeth, he has been very clingy, obviously.  He isn't one to be able to play on his own yet.  I can get about 15 minutes out of him if I sit him in his pack-n-play with his toys.  But if I set him on the floor, unless I'm down there with him -- it's a no-go.  And most of the time, he cries until I pick him up.  If I put him down into his exersaucer or his walker, he instantly starts to cry.  The only thing that he always enjoys being put in in his jumper. 

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