Thursday, March 10, 2016

Gone fishin at 2 years

---For his 2-year well visit, Fish weighed in at 29.5 pounds and was exactly 3 feet tall.  His weight is in the 65 percentile and his height was at the 90th percentile.
---He is in size 4 diapers and is currently in size 2T clothes.  Although, we are in desperate need of upsizing his pants.  The poor dude has the biggest high-water pants I've ever seen.  I was hoping that I could get away with keeping him in size 2T until after summer.  My thought process was that they are fine around the waist -- just really really short.  So if I could make it until it was hot weather and we would be wearing shorts constantly, I would be okay.  But the warm weather isn't getting here soon enough and I feel bad that his poor ankles are getting frostbite and wind chaffing.

---Fish is a great eater!  He still tries everything and will eat almost everything until recently.  Now he watches his sister and sees what she does and if she doesn't want to try the food, he doesn't want to eat it either.  Some of his current favorites are pizza, muffins, applesauce, chicken with BBQ sauce, breakfast sausage with ketchup, mac 'n cheese, apples with peanut butter, grapes, raspberries, fruit snacks, & chicken nuggets.
---He is definitely a physical boy.  He can run and jump.  He loves to jump down from any last stair.  He is also the world best climber (at least I think so when I walk into a room and he is standing on top of a super high table) -- I lovingly refer to him as my mountain goat.

---We have __ teeth.  He also has the same gap between in his front teeth that his sister does, which I think looks just as cute on him as it does on her.
---Fish is a little behind with his speech.  When he went for his 2-year check up, they recommended that we see an early invention speech therapist (we have that appointment scheduled for the end of March).  They recommended early invention because he wasn't saying two-word phrases and also because his pronunciation of his words weren't easily understood by anyone that wasn't his mom.  But since seeing the pediatrician, his speech has increased dramatically.  He is now saying lots of two-word phrases and there has been a slight increase in his pronunciation.  He has always been a month or two behind schedule with his speech.  I think it has a lot to do with the fact that his sister won't stop talking long enough for him to get a word in.

---He loves to sing songs.  And although he isn't singing songs on his own yet, he loves to sing with you when you are singing a song.  He likes to sing along with the "ABCs" as well as "The wheels on the bus".  His absolute favorite thing to sing along with is part of the chorus to one of our favorite songs (Michael Franti's "Say Hey, I Love You"), which is us singing "But I know one thing, I love you. I love you, I love you, I love you.
---He is also starting to get into counting.  He can count to five with a little help.  His favorite is 3, 4, 5.

---He is amazingly compassionate and nurturing.  When he thinks that he has hurt you or if you are hurt, he drops everything and comes running over to you, smacking his lips like he wants to give you a kiss.  He gives you a kiss to make you feel better and then goes off and continues doing what he was before.  He also loves to help distribute things.  If I give him something, then he asks for another so he can give it to his sister.  While he isn't the best sharer all the times, he is really good at helping and sharing most of the times.

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