Thursday, March 24, 2016

Where a kid can be a kid!

Finn's birthday was quiet just like Fish's.  We made it special by making it her day ALL DAY!  She got to eat whatever she wanted for breakfast and lunch.  And dinner was spent at the only place where a kid can be a kid.  That's the motto for Chucky Cheese, right? She even got to wear a tiara!  While E wasn't the most excited to be there, once he saw how much fun the kids were having, he seemed to realize that it's okay to say that you are having fun at Chucky Cheese.  And hey, the pizza wasn't as bad as I remember it being!

The Birthday Girl!

The partner in crime

Aunt Tara

The horse game was the biggest hit!  It moved and would "jump".  You were supposed to race other horses.  The kids just went for a ride. I think that Finn finished the race but way behind -- Fish just ran into fences and walls.   

This was Mommy, Daddy, Tara's favorite!  The top one was our first one -- which just showed the top of her head.  So we raised them up and we were getting them so excited for the photo to be taken.  The countdown came and we were all like "Smile big!  Say cheese!" ready for a beautiful photo.  And then, Fish ended up looking like a stoner...

Fish was too little to get up into the tubes that were circling the play area.  So I had to climb into the tube and contort my body into the little tubes to help Fish get up to the top so he could play with Finn.

For all the games that we played and all the tickets we tried to win, they just ended up wanting to "buy" candy with their tickets.

Happy 4th birthday, Finn!

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