Monday, February 18, 2013

A Week in the Life (The Birthday Edition)

 As her one-year birthday approached, she decided to begin the "Terrible Two's" a couple of days early.  This is the "Before"...

This is the "After"...  Bishop isn't impressed.

 Daycare celebrated her birthday on Valentine's Day.  She was the Princess of the Party.

I could tell that she had some cake at daycare.  She was hyped up when we got home.

The Princess of the Party & her Mama

Opa came into town on Thursday evening, so on Friday, we went out to eat.
It appears that she wants to fight for her right to party.

Finorah also got her first Valentine from one of her boyfriends.

Christian is so thoughtful...

One of her birthday gifts was an oversized tennis ball.  It was a big hit.

She got to go shopping at Babies 'R Us on her birthday.  Here she is manically laughing with our gift card.

Put your money where your mouth is.

Finn got two cards from Auntie Anita.  Both played music.

Here she is opening the second card.

 We got a small cake for her to eat and "smash".  Unfortunately, there was a lot of picking and not a lot of smashing...

Munk sat underneath her chair the whole time -- just waiting for her to start flinging frosting.  Didn't happen...

Eating some cake and going into sugar shock.

I thought that she would have had cake in a lot more places (like her hair and her ears). 

I guess, she is a dainty eater. 

 She was also wearing her sunglasses.

According to her face, it didn't go well.

Auntie Anita also sent chocolate-covered strawberries.  We saved those until Sunday night.  They were a HUGE hit.

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