Monday, February 25, 2013

A Week in the Life (v.7.4)

The pastel princess!

Trying to get a one year photo with the teddy bear. Someone had other plans.

These other plans included screaming at Mama from even thinking of lying her next to the bear.

Trying to take some "nice" photos -- lady wasn't having it.

She was having absolutely NONE of it.

Do you think they look the same?

I think they look the same.

Baby cam with a kiss.

The brown warrior.  Check out her boots -- probably one of my favorite pair of shoes she has. (I especially love that one section of hair that is trying to fly away.)

Her first pony tail ever.  Didn't stay in longer than two hours, but it's a start.

Tired mama on a Monday morning with a bed headed girl.

 There is some serious business going on in the mornings with her hair.

 And this is Daddy's attempt at "taming" it.

She is a kissin' fool.

Someone's not happy that it's Monday -- don't worry, sissy.  Mommy's not happy either.

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