Monday, February 11, 2013

A Week in the Life (v.7.2)

We were wearing some fancy boots to our Superbowl party.

Can you find the hiding baby?

Here's the hiding (sleeping) baby!

Some has the need... The need for speed...

According to her daily report from daycare, somebody likes Mac 'n Cheese.

Our town library had a book sale.  Saturday was the last day (i.e. the $3 for all you can fit into a bag day).
We stocked up. 

We are actively weaning, which means that Mama has to give her bottles.
She isn't a drinker, she is definitely a sipper & a slow sipper at that.

Dancing... Dancing... Dancing...  She's a dancing machine!

Standing like a big girl. (with a little help from Mommy) 

Again with the standing (with some help).

Despite my annoying "hello?"s, somebody answered the phone.  If I had to answer to that, I wouldn't answer myself half of the time.

And the keyboard sounds like a carnival.
And the microphone smells like milk.
And they sit at the bar and put tea biscuits in my jar
And say "man, what are you doing here?"

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