Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Week in the Life (v.11.1)

This week's iPhone photos are also very short & sweet.  I didn't take out my phone a single time while in the Catskills -- so no photos of the weekend... Yet.

Last week, it was starting to feel like summertime in Cleveland.  Here is her 40's pin-up jumper. 

The red jumper with navy polka-dot ruffles on the chest and bum.  Too cute.

The back is completely open with the only tie being around the neck.  Surprisingly, the tie hanging down her back didn't bother her at all.

On the way to the Catskills, we stopped at a gas station and girlfriend got her first taste of Mickey D's shakes.

It was a HUGE hit.  She would have drank that whole thing by herself if I let her.

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