Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Week in the Life (v.11.2)

Forewarning... Summer is getting into full swing and we really like some clothes-less babies in the summer...

Daddy gave Finorah a bath recently...  He sent me this text message.

His proof that Finorah actually wrote the message on the wall.

Daddy's favorite outfit

Somebody really loves yogurt...

Finorah does her own hair styling -- her product of choice?  Pork & beans juice.

We are cutting 3-4 of her molars right now.  She decided that the cold block of cheese at the grocery store was a perfect teether.  We put the block back after she was done...  j/t

Another one of Daddy's gem.  She is learning consequences -- if she offers her cheese to Munk, he is going to eat it.

After being given more cheese, she feels better.

Love her little red nose from crying...

Like Mama like daughter...

Getting a push from Kristin, who is getting a push from E

In our household, we like to show our love...

She is just making sure that Bishop doesn't have to over-extend herself by getting up off her rear to eat.

The latest sleeping poises -- exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

Last night, we discovered the joys of the piano.

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