Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A Week in the Life (v.2016.4)

April phone photos (Part I)

School Daze 24.2

School Daze 24.2.2

How I find my kids sleeping

How I find my kids sleeping 15 minutes later

April was the month of painting in our house.  We started in the kitchen

I think that my house is going to be known as "50 shades of gray" bc that seems to be my color of choice.

The other side of the kitchen

The new and improved color

Stella in the sunshine

Norman trying to nap

Finn playing with snapchat filters

Fish in snapchat imagining he has facial fair

Playing with her flight attendant Anna

School Daze 25.1

School Daze 25.2

Handyman Fish

Showing off his handyman skills

School Daze 25.3

Chasing geese behind our house

Fish falling asleep on the floor

Finn has some tattoo requests

School Daze 26.1
(Notice the gray paint that Munk ended up with on his side)

The finish product of the walk-in closet

I did a panorama of my shoes in my closet.  I thought it turned out pretty neat.

School Daze 26.2

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