Saturday, May 7, 2016

A Week of the Life (v.2016.3)

School Daze 22.2

Snuggle boy

School Daze 22.3
Fish got a coat from E's friend who took a trip to Japan.  I think he wore that coat nonstop for about a week.

Another new tradition is the back-side of the story.  She always wants to have me take a photo of what her hair looks like from behind.  And of course, Fish has to be involved.

School Daze 23.1

School Daze 23.2
Because Father's Day falls during the summer, her school celebrated it in March with Donuts with Dads.  She was so excited to have E come in to her school.

Father & Daughter

We took a quick trip back to Iowa in the middle of March.  Finn loves baths at Mimi & Papa's.  Here's her new dress after a fresh bath.

Not sure how Fish got donut sugar on his forehead!

One of my favorite photos

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

On the eve of St. Patrick's Day, we set a leprechaun trap baited with a little bowl of fake gold coins (yellow paper cut into circles).

The next morning, we found the trap was tripped and the kitchen chairs were knocked over, but no leprechaun.  He did leave some candy behind though!

About 5 miles from my parents' place there is a huge wind farm.  There are about 17 windmills out in the middle of vast Iowa farmland.  It's really an awesome sight to behold.

My little babushka.

My cutie pa-tootie.

Cheeser Part I

Cheeser Part II

Though he doesn't normally like to run around without pants on -- if you get him entirely naked, he could stay that way for days.

Learning to count

Look at all that candy from the Iowa Easter egg hunt!

Someone was exhausted from all the egg hunting that afternoon.  Also of note, that thing that looks like a blanket covering her is actually the snuggie that I used to use when I was little.  It was a pillow that I got when my first Xmas.  She loves snuggling with Mommy's snuggie.

I posted this one on Instagram (follow me at thescientistswidow).  The hashtags were
#nosleepuntilthegameisover #comeonmomletsgo #marchmadness #toomuchmadness
We were watching the Northern Iowa game, which went into double OT (I think) and it was past 10:30, but he just refused to fall asleep like Finn did.  He is going to be my diehard sports fan -- right along my side during all my Hawkeye heart attacks.

Mommy let Finn "put on Mommy's eye shadow".  As you can see, no eye shadow was used as eye shadow.

Another one of my most favorite photos.  My little sleeping beau-ty

We were playing with Snapchat filters.  Fish loved them.

Playing with Papa

Finn had space camp at her preschool and she graduated.

This is what our kitchen looks like on a daily basis.

Daddy was fixing Finn's hair and Fish was fixing Daddy's hair

Getting ready for our backyard egg hunt on Easter

Being goofy with their Easter baskets

Do kids mix with a dinner party?  In our house, anything goes!

School Daze 24.1

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