Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Irish in the fields

We have a field behind our house.  It's a field that is now 3/4 open.  But when we moved in, half of it was fenced it.  It used to hold a donkey, three goats, and some sheep.  Now the half that is left just contains sheep.  Behind in the sheep, there is a hill of green that you can see in some of the photos on the right.  I like to call that place "Dirt Mountain".  When they opened up half of the field, they moved the one goat left and her two babies over to Dirt Mountain.  So we have to walk around the sheep enclosure to see the goats.  For little kids, it's a long walk...

E went to Ireland to help with the lambing again this season.  When he came back, he brought Fish a hat.  And so because they both have their very own Irish sweaters and because the weather was overcast and misty-rainy, I decided today the weather was very reminiscent of Ireland.  So we headed over to the sheep and shot some photos quick.  Apologies for the photos all being the same (basically), but I honestly couldn't decide which ones I thought were better (usually I cull out about 70% of the photos).  I think that it's because I haven't actually taken good photos of the kids since last November.  And Fish definitely loved his shillelagh (which was just a longer stick that I found on the way.

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