Thursday, June 2, 2016

A Week in the Life (2016.6)

First half of May phone photos

I never learned how to french braid as a child.  So I taught myself on Finn's hair.  This is my best yet!

School Daze 29.1

Finn wanted to make sure that Unicorn got in the photo too.

Morning Fish

Sissy "painting' Brother's toes

School Daze 29.2

Daddy took them out for ice cream.  Brain freeze!

While Mama was away visiting a friend, they had a movie night!

The next morning, Daddy took them out for breakfast, but it was raining so they didn't get to play.  *insert sad face*

Another home project knocked out!  We replaced the old fireplace door in the kitchen with a new black modern one.

School Daze 29.3
It was her Mother's Day program at school so she had to dress the part.

Leather stud and studette

Her Mother's Day program was so sweet.  She sang songs and then gave me a flower & a special project.  We got to sit and eat a snack.  But I mentioned that we were going to have lunch with Daddy & Brother afterwards and she was over it.  She ran and got her coat and we were out of there so fast I couldn't even blink!

Her special song.  Makes my heart melt.

Lunch for Mother's Day (ish)

My babes

Sharing a soda-kind of date

That weekend we went to the "Please Touch" Museum in Philly.  They got to ride their first carousel. 

We also went to the thrift store that weekend.  Finn picked one thing.  Fish just couldn't stop picking things -- guess he loves a bargain.

This was my Mother's Day gift.  A teeny wine glass, a tiara, and a donut.  My kids totally get me.

School Daze 30.1
We are now starting to do "glamorous" poses.

Sharing some coffee in the morning

Everyone got in the act.

School Daze 30.2

Finn & Clifford

School Daze 30.3
All the "pets" had to get in on the shot and Fish's chest is all puffed out because he is Batman (duh!).

My house red and Norman eating my cilantro in the background.  Funny thing about this photo is that I had read that day that I should put my herbs in a vase just like flowers to make them last longer.  I put the cilantro in the glass that day.  The next day, it was DEAD -- like D.E.A.D.  Martha's going to have to do some great things to make me gain my trust in her again.

Finn's bestie at school had a birthday party.

This is after they took the cake off the table to cut it.  He was very concerned about the location of that cake.

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