Thursday, June 30, 2016

Flower Children

There is a field on the far side of our neighbors.  Calling it a field isn't quite right.  It's an open space next to a pond.  But the pond is only a pond during the spring and when it rains more.  It's been pretty dry here, so there really isn't a pond right now.  And even when it is a pond, it's more a goose-poop puddle as the Canadian geese who like to congregate in our neighborhood so to take a dip.   Wednesday evening, I was walking along the perimeter of our yard with Munk and saw a bunch of flowers out by the pond.  I went out and saw that they were at the perfect height for Finn.  A plan was hatched for the following morning (and I invited to take photos of our neighbor's girls as well).  Well, later that evening, the owners of the property started mowing back by the pond and I went to sleep thinking my beautiful idea was foiled.

When I woke up Thursday morning, I walked out to the pond expecting to find nothing, but saw that he only cut the far side of the property and I could still get some photos.  Unfortunately, the sun rose too quickly and it was far too wet back there to get the kids there, so I postponed until that afternoon.  I knew that I wanted to get into a couple of the photos as well, seeing as how the last photos I have of me and the kids was back in November of last year.  We got all ready, E came home and when we were walking over there, the owner was mowing again!  I was so upset, but we tried to grab a bunch of photos while he was mowing farther on the other side of the property.  I'm glad that E told me to just take some photos and see how they turned out.  They were amazing!!!!!!  (And when the neighbor came out with her girls, the guy stopped mowing out there so we could grab our photos quickly.  So kind of him.)

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