Friday, June 3, 2016

A Week in the Life (v.2016.7)

The second half of May
This will finally make me update to date!!!!

School Daze 31.1
All of her babies see her off for the school day.

The peep show is coming!  The peep showing is coming!

This is totally staged by Finn (the two of them on either sofa "sleeping").

Our teacher's appreciation gift for the end of the school year.

School Daze 31.2

Someone was naughty and pushed the iPad off the counter.  The screen shattered, but it still works!  We put tape across the front so the pieces won't fall out and he is still using it (three weeks later).

His favorite song to sing.  In fact, if you ask him to sing a song, this is what he sings.

Being a silly boy

School Daze 31.3  Simply amazing...

Fish LOVES the garbage truck.  We have to stand outside and wave to them as they pick up the cans.

Static cling at the park for her picnic day at preschool.

Finn getting her certificate for preschool.  She isn't graduating yet (but this school also doesn't do graduation).

Sibling love

School Daze 32.2 (32.1 was picnic day and we were so rushed to get out of the house, that I didn't get a photo that morning).
Notice how he is posing like sissy.  This happens all the time.

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