Monday, January 16, 2017

Special Delivery

This weekend was a "special" weekend for us.  This past weekend was the first time, Finorah & Conall became members of the "Egg Delivery Express".  Back in June, I got 8 days old chicks through the mail.  In November, I got my first egg.  Two months later, I'm pretty positive all 8 hens are laying, but due to the shorter days, we usually only get 4-5 eggs a day (I'll do an all-about-my-chickens post soon).  In the past two months, I've given a dozen here and there, but we haven't delivered any eggs in the neighborhood yet.  Well, this past weekend, we had enough eggs in the frig to give away two dozen to our neighbors.

The kids were so excited to deliver the eggs.  Unfortunately, we picked a time where one of our neighbors were gone and the other only had their oldest home.  But, the deliveries were made and the cul-de-sac enjoyed eggs from my girls for the weekend.

This weekend also saw a new makeover in our house.  Finorah loves putting on makeup, as all little girls do.  But this was a first for her.  She must have seen me filling in my eyebrows on Saturday evening and decided to give her eyebrows a lift.  She has quite the imagination and loves making herself pretty.  I think that she is a trendsetter and foresee purple eyebrows as a trend coming in 2017.

And this morning, Conall was watching his iPad and I had to giggle at how long his hair has become.  His headphones acted as a headband and pushed his hair up in a spiky do.

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