Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Busy being fabulous!

How is it that sometimes our life is so quiet that we don’t have anything exciting going on?  And then the next minute, we are flying by the seat of our pants!  We are currently “flying by the seat of our pants”!  Let’s get you updated!

Last week, I introduced Finn to the world of bananas!  Let’s just say that she wasn’t as thrilled about them as I thought that she would be.  At least in the beginning…

She is an excellent eater (just like her Mama)!  Even with the face making, she wouldn’t stop eating the bananas.  In fact, she loves eating so much that the minute she sees a bowl, she starts kicking her legs and doing her "I'm-really-excited-to-eat" noise.  (She also does this little dance when she is going to nurse.)  We can't even really eat anything in a bowl without her getting excited thinking that she is going to get fed!  (Just a side note on starting up solids:  I think that our doctor could have warned us about the change in her diapers a little better.  She said that we would see a difference, both in color and texture.  But wasn't super specific about what kind of change.  E & I were petrified when we saw her diaper on Saturday!  Thank god for the Internet -- otherwise I would have take the lady straight to the Emergency clinic!) Next food up?  Avocados...

 It seems like when one thing ends, another thing pops up.  Saturday, we spent it cleaning as it was the first day (and only day) of the week that I was able to get down to business.  I have to say that this is the one thing that really bothers me about being a new mother.  There isn't enough time in the day to clean.  And with the monsters that we have in our house, we NEED to clean regularly.  I have come up with a plan -- instead of doing one big clean on one day of the week (usually a weekend day), I'm going to try and clean a single room each evening.  That would take a total of 15-20 minutes and I could at least have the weekend to enjoy, rather than deep cleaning the house.

Sunday, we went down to Columbus to see E's friend who lost his wife a couple of weeks back.  We had some things that Finn didn't use that we brought down to him that will hopefully help him out.  The baby is gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous!  Holding her, tiny & delicate was a stark contrast to holding the little lady now, who is a heifer (in every loving sense of the word).  My baby has grown so much.  In holding the newborn, a little tinge of sadness came over me that my first baby will never be this little again.  She is getting to be such a big girl.  

We babywore on Sunday, which I absolutely loved.  We walked from E's friends' house about 7-10 blocks to a restaurant and had lunch.  I wrapped her up in the Moby, facing out and we were off.  She didn't utter a peep, kicking her legs when she saw a dog or somethign else that caught her eye.  We had our first melt-down in a restaurant as we went out to lunch -- nothing a little boob couldn't fix.  She also got her first taste of blueberry pie filling (I know, I'm a terrible mother because I'm not waiting 4 days to start new foods.) -- LOVED it!  I would put the smallest amount of "jam" on her pacifer and she would go to town.  We also had a MAJOR meltdown on the drive home which was 3 hours, which we had to stop so I could feed her.  But once her tummy was full, she was silent for the rest of the ride.

E and I are in the process of checking out local day-cares.  We looked at one on Friday, which emitted a big fat "no-way-jose" with stepping a single foot in the door.  Her "room" looked like someone's basement, complete with cinder block walls, no window, and that dirty feeling.  Ick.  We are taking another tour tonight -- my fingers are crossed that this is going to be the one.  If this one doesn't work out, we have a Montessori school in the wings as well (but they aren't accepting under mid-October).  We have her currently enrolled in the daycare here at the Clinic, but the price is pretty extreme and we are looking for something a little more cost effective.  I never thought that I would be someone who would poo-poo a place that is good enough for someone else to place their child there, but I suddenly realize that I only want the best for her (at a reasonable price, of course).

Within the last couple of days, I started seeing her as her own little person.  She is growing a personality by the handfuls (as well grabbing Mama's hair with those handfuls).  She is sitting on her own; she isn’t without wobbles or topples & I’m not quite comfortable sitting her up without Mama’s arms there for a safety net.  But she is Little Miss Independent, for sure.  She isn’t happy laying down – must be sitting up, looking around.  And she is in love with the dogs.  Her eyes lit up whenever they walk past her.  Her little legs start kicking as they run past her – shortly, those little chubby legs are going to be running right towards them (or running away from them as I have a feeling that Munk thinks he is a baby herder)…

And she is such a joy to be around.  We were blessed to have a very happy baby.  On the rare ocassion that she cries, it's because I'm not getting her food ready fast enough, she is overly tired, I left the room and she can't see me, or we are in the car.  The last one is the only one that I wish that I could change.  She hates sitting in the back facing the wrong way by herself.  If someone is sitting back there with her, she doesn't scream as much.  (I can't wait until she is big enough to be turned around so she can see that we are sitting in the front of the car.  I think that is half the problem. It'll make two years seem like a LONG time...)

Welcome to Motel Murphy!  We currently have one of E's friends from Iowa staying with us and we have friends from Jersey staying with us on Wednesday.  And my parents come and stay with us on Saturday!  So our place is going to be hopping for the next couple of weeks! 

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