Thursday, July 5, 2012

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I apologize for the lack of posts lately.  I usually try to get in at least two posts a week, but life has gotten a little chaotic as of late.  I also want to apologize for the cryptic post last week.  I was in the midst of a lot of things and didn’t have time to process.  So I’m giving you Two-fer-Thursday (yes, yes, I know it’s supposed to be Twofer-Tuesday, but today’s Thursday, so deal…)!

Lucy didn't want to give up her seat to Finn

Where to begin with this update…  It’s always best to start in the beginning, right? 
One of E’s friend from college welcomed his first baby on June 22nd, but also mourned the passing of his wife and mother of that baby on June 28th.  She died due to complications from giving birth to their first daughter.  It hit our household pretty close to home, especially with Finn only being 18 weeks old.  It was an extremely tragic event.  I have to say that E’s college group are an amazing support system for one another.  One friend flew in from Florida the day it happened.  E went down a couple of days early and the majority of his group made it to the services held that weekend.  With the services being held in Columbus, Ohio on June 30th, I was able to attend the funeral and had to travel back up to Cleveland to take care of Finn.  There are no words to describe the anguish that I feel for E’s friend and his daughter.  They have a long road ahead of them, but it is a road that they will travel together and they will traverse the obstacles together, father and daughter…

We also have had company arrive on July 2nd and stay with us for the last 3 days.  We all know that I love having people come and stay with us (all those that read this are welcome to swing by whenever you would like!).  But just this one time, I will welcome the quietness of this coming weekend.  I need to decompress with my little, my big, and my furries.  Of course, my big had a grant due next week as well as a big performance review seminar to give – so he will be working all weekend, but I’ll take whatever time with him I can get.

I also ended my old job on the 29th and started my new one on the 2nd.  I am now coordinating the curriculum of the first year medical students here at the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine.  It is definitely a transition to get used to.  But I feel that once I have settled into this position that I will love it.  I am able to start my new hours (7:30am—3:30pm) next week already!  So I’m very excited about that.  Everyone here seems to be very kind and welcoming, the work doesn’t seem that difficult – I think the hard part is going to be understanding where my work fits into the grand scheme of things, that and trying to get information from the doctors that run my courses.

My parents are set to arrive in two weeks. I’m very excited to have them with us! I’m going to try and make sure they get their fill of the little lady. I have excused my babysitter for the week and a half that they are coming for. So grandparents are going to be on baby patrol while I’m at work!
I also think that I am going to have to move the computer.  The room that we have the computer in is really bright and when I'm editing my pictures, sometimes I overdo some editing because I can't see the difference on my computer screen.  It is only when I see the photos on a different screen do I realize that some of the processing was overdone.  Now while I would love a new computer, E just put more memory in our old one which makes it run great and money is kind of tight right now.  Maybe I'll start a "new computer" fund and slowly try to build up enough to buy a new one.  But for now, I have to discuss with E a good spot for the old one so I can better see what I'm doing!

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