Monday, August 20, 2012

A week in the life (v.1.2)

I had to prepare a frozen dish for one of our friends who just had a baby.  Finn was getting a little cranky while I was trying to get cooking.  So what's a Mom to do?  I smeared ricotta cheese on her high chair and gave her a measuring cup.  Boy, did sister have an awesome time!  

Obviously, playing & eating ricotta cheese is some seriously hard work.  Finn fell asleep on the car ride over to our friend's house -- less than 15 minutes away.  

And she was so tired that she fell asleep with her head on her chest.  Poor girl...

 So I still have about 5 pounds of my pregnancy weight to lose.  And I'm determined to shed the pounds before the beginning of winter.  So Finn and I are starting to jog.  And I use the term jog very loosely.  My view during our "jogs".

It's perfect because the "jogs" always put her to sleep.  So I get a workout and she gets a nap.  Both very refreshing. 

Sleeping angel 

Wide awake!  Hey, gimme that camera!

I'm holding one of our cats, Lucy and trying to video her reaction to the cat.  The dogs are old hat now -- the cats and their tails are her new obsession.

Speaking of Lucy, it appears that she also enjoys baby snuggles just as much as I do!

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