Saturday, August 18, 2012

She's got style, she's got grace, she's a winner.

 Because she's a lady.  Whoa, whoa, whoa -- she's a lady...  Nothing to really do with the post -- it's just one of my favorite songs and being that I call Finn "lady" all the time -- I figured I'd just throw it in here.

Yesterday, she hit her half-year birthday!  Holy crap!  These last 26 weeks have flown by!  Today I was cleaning out my inbox and started reminiscing through past e-mails starting on the date that I found out I was pregnant and reading up to the day that I was having contraction all day at work with her arriving in the wee hours of the next morning.  Is it strange to say that it seemed like another lifetime ago?  I was so immersed in re-living those 9 months that when I stepped away from my desk, I felt like I was transported into the wrong place (have a new job since my pregnancy).  And for the first time in a long time, I didn't feel sad -- I didn't feel sad that my pregnancy with her was over.  I definitely felt nostalgic and dreamy as it was one of the best periods of my life thus far.  But the overwhelming sadness that I felt right after bringing her into the world of the loss of my pregnancy has diminished.  I'm turning the corner!  And I feel that the major reason for that is sitting right in front of you in these photos!

How can you NOT smile when looking at this cherub face?!?!

And sitting she is!  This week marked her entry into the sitting-up-unassisted world.  And let me tell you, lady is so proud of herself.  Each day this week, I put her on the bed, sitting up now as I changed out of my work clothes into my comfy home clothes.  And each day this week, as I was sitting her up on the bed, she would look down at the bed and then up at me.  And suddenly a grin would burst across her cheeks, almost as if to say "Holy crap! Mama, look at me!  I'm a big girl!!!"

And a big girl, she is!  It is such a stark contrast to the baby that was laying down on the bed.  It's almost as if overnight, she suddenly blossomed into a baby.  No longer an infant, but a baby.  I look at her differently now even when I'm holding her, almost like she looks a little more grown up.

She amazes me every day.  I know that sounds cliche, but it's true.  Last night's amazement?  An "I-want-to-do-it-myself" moment -- it was our first (of many, I'm sure).  Every evening after eating her veggies & fruits, I give her an empty bowl to chew on all Marty-Stouffer's-Animal-Kingdom like.  Well, last night's fruit was bananas (girlfriend can't get ENOUGH bananas).  E claimed that she didn't have taste buds, until I showed him the difference in her facial expressions between acorn squash (which is a favorite veggie of hers) and her bananas.  Well, I gave her the empty bowl of bananas and realized that the side of the bowl she was chewing on didn't have any bananas on the side.  So I took the bowl from her and tried to move it around so she could chew on the side dripping in bananas.  Let me tell you -- little missy was hearing none of it.  She squawked like an mama bird being separated from her baby chicks.  Little Miss Independent...

Also, on the hair front -- sister has it!  And it is growing!  The crazy part of other than the fact that she is finally getting hair is that the hair that is coming out of her scalp appears to be blonde.  I was never blonde as a child.  I had light brown to brown hair while growing up.  I asked E what color his hair was as a baby.  He didn't really know.  But my mom is a blondie (as is my brother) and E's nephew was really blonde as a baby.  So it obviously runs on both sides, but wasn't something that was even on my radar in dreaming about my future child.

And another thing that wasn't even on my radar?  That she was going to be SO tall!  When we went to our last doctor's appointment in mid July, the doctor said that the measurement was probably a mistake (as the nurse does the measuring), so that I shouldn't be surprised if when we got back in Finn either stays the same or shrinks.  But in my unofficial measuring, I got the same measurement and I did the measuring exactly as the office had done it.  Little Miss has another appointment on the 29th of August, a day before her 28 week update, so I'll have "official" results for her weight and height from that appointment.

Due to her height, we are also going to be moving her out of her infant seat within the next two weeks.  Having to pack away the cowmooflage seat will make me sad.  As will now having to unbuckle her to take her every time we go somewhere, instead of just unclipping the base and carrying the car seat around.  It also means that I have to put the actual stroller seat in our stroller (as the infant car seat would clip in the stroller base) and the stroller will take up more space in the back of my car.  Someone that E knows whose two kids were too big for their car seats actually gave us their two car seats and amazingly they were the exact models that I was going to buy for our cars!  Being that I'm going to miss the cowmooflage and that we got both seats for free, saving us over $500, I think that I'm going to see if they sell the cowmooflage cover to replace the one that goes in my car.

All of this sitting is tiring work...

But even though I dread a lot of these things because it means less space or she isn't teeny anymore, I'm so thankful that she is healthy and happy.  I wouldn't trade any of my complaints at all.  I've got a robust, healthy, hefty baby girl on my hands and I love that fact.

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