Sunday, August 5, 2012

Happy 24 weeks to my beautiful lady!!!

According to me, she is six months old today.  According to my dad, she is only five & half months old.  His rationale is that if she is six months old at 24 weeks and there are 52 weeks in the year, by my standards when she is twelve months old at 48 weeks, she is one month shy of her 1-year birthday.  He said that she can't be 13 months at her 1-year birthday.  Of course, he makes a very valid point.  And I really didn't have a logical come-back to his argument.  I simply told him that after 9 months, you kind of stop counting weeks and start going by months.  Whether that is true or not, ask me again when she turns 9 months old.  I may turn into the mom that counts weeks until she is 18 years old -- "Happy 936 weeks, old lady!"

Just a quick life update before we get into the developmental update -- Grammy is leaving us today.  BOOOOOO!!!!  I'm sure if any of you are reading this at 8:00pm EST, both Finn and I are going to be crying our way home from the airport.  But it was wonderful to have her as long as we did.  We miss her already...  Onward and upward...

  • According to our unscientific weighing and measurements, Finn is weighing in at a whopping 19.25 pounds!!  (We repeated the weight twice because it just seemed too much!)  And she is measuring in at a staggering 27 inches.  Holy cow, girlfriend!  Slow down!
  • Lady is sporting size 2 diapers, but they are pushing on the tighter end.  We aren't spilling out, but if we had to use size 3, we probably could get away with it.
  • About three weeks ago, we packed up all of her 0-3/3 month clothes and she is fitting into her 3-6/6 month stuff.  Some items are more snug than others.  She used to be too long for things, now she is just all around too big (i.e. too long and too big in the belly).  I think the move to 6-9 is seriously on the horizon...
  • Related to all this pudge, she has officially started on solids!  We have been on solids for a couple of weeks.  Her current menu includes rice cereal, bananas (HUGE favorite), pears, sweet potatoes, green beans (HUGE NOT favorite), apples and acorn squash.  She gets so excited to eat -- the minute she sees her bowls, the legs start kicking and the noises start a'coming.
  • Finn is a rolling fool!  She rolls from front to back and back to front.  She will lay on the ground and roll and roll.  She hasn't realized yet that this is a means to transportation -- getting from point A to point B.  She just rolls from one side to the other and back again.
  • She is also bringing her knees up underneath her while laying on her tummy.  Her little tushy is sticking in the air, like a flag.  In seeing that, I was talking with Grammy that within the next two months, we may have a crawler on our hands.  That's super scary to think, as we haven't done anything in way of baby proofing.  In the next couple of weeks, I'm going to have to crawl around our house on my hands & knees to see what things need to be taken care of.
  • Sister is also sitting up like a big girl!  She hasn't quite mastered sitting up with the support of her hands unless she is sitting on our laps sans leaning back (she never leans back EVER -- she must always be sitting up, looking around).  But she can sit up with the support of her arms for quite a bit before falling over to the side (we've only done this on the bed or the sofa as I'm afraid for her to bite it on our hardwood floors).
  • Finn has fallen head over heels for the pets.  She loves watching the dogs and the cats.  They can distract her out of any meal or toy.
  • We bought her a jumper a week ago and now can't get the girl out of the jumper!  It only took her about 2-3 days to completely master the art of jumping.  She has been in love ever since.  She likes to jump to "All the Single Ladies" and lots of country, but her absolute favorite song to jump to?  "The Duck Song"  Don't know it?  Got kids?  Click the link along with the almost 98 million parents who have (I'm sure it actually only 100 or so parents who just have the song put on repeat as it is in our house).  Don't got kids?  Don't click unless you want to sing about waddling away for the rest of the day.
  • Grammy bought her a sippy cup last weekend.  I thought it too early for the sippy cup -- Finn didn't.  It's one of those sippy cups that restricts the fluid from coming out unless they bite on the tip.  She is drinking* out of it like a pro.  It had two handles on either side, so she can also hold it all by herself.  *Drinking means spilling water all over her shirt.
  • We have also entered into the Mommy-Knows-Best phase.  She will be a perfect angel until Mama comes home.  Then all bets are off.  This was seen from both Grampy & Grammy.  During the day, they would be having fun with her and she would be having a ball.  Mommy gets home and Grammy wants to show what kind of fun they had that day -- Sister will have NONE of it once she sees Mommy.  That zerberting that was soooo funny this afternoon brings immediate tears.  That peekaboo game that brought on a fit of giggles brings out the big pouty lips.
  • Wanna big surprise?  She still sleeps with us.  No transitioning at all right now.  She is sleeping until about 1:00am before she wakes up for the first time and then again at about 4:00am.  When E is away, she won't wake up until 3:30am for the first time.  I realize that it is time to move her into her crib.  My head tells me that it's time.  But I love sleeping next to her.  I love snuggling with her.  I love waking up in the middle of the night and seeing my little girl, sleeping peacefully and dreaming beautiful dreams.  But I also let her sleep with us for my survival.  I go to bed with her between 8:30-9:00pm and I'm not joking with you when I tell you that I'm asleep by 9:30pm.  I wake up in the mornings exhausted.  With my new job, my alarm goes off a lot earlier than it used to.  I realize that I may sleep better once she is in her crib and sleeping through the night, but I have to go through about 2-4 weeks of her adjusting to her crib.  I'm not ready to give up my precious sleep yet.  E has an international conference at the beginning of August.  I don't want to sleep alone while he is gone.  So may the transition begin again after that...
  • My little newborn baby is gone...  She has become a little girl -- with her own little independent streak, complete with back arch and squeal when something gets taken away that she was enjoying.
  • Finn has found her feet -- or at least she found her right foot.  Her favorite time to grab said foot is while she nursing.  But she also likes to grab it when she is sitting up like a big girl as well.

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