Thursday, August 30, 2012

Happy 28 weeks old, my magnificent lady!

  • According to my unscientific weighing and measurements, Finn is weighing in at a whopping 20  pounds!!  And she is measuring in at 27.75 inches.  The length was a difficult one to measure as she wouldn't STOP moving.  Her doctor's appointment that was scheduled for yesterday was rescheduled due to an out-of-the-country emergency by her pediatrician.  So I'll update you next week on her official weight & height.
  • Lady is sporting size 3 diapers!  We moved over to the size three about two days ago.  Her poor little chub was just spilling over the legs of the size 2's.

  • She is currently wearing 3-6 month clothes, but that's only because I want to get the savor the last bit of 3-6.  She has some clothes that will carry over into the 6-9 month clothing swap-out -- mostly clothing that is labeled "6 months".  I really need to get out the 6-9 month bin and make sure that we have clothes in there!  Because the switch is coming in the next two weeks and I don't want my baby to be without clothes.
  • We are still breastfeeding.  My goal upon her arrival was to make it to six months, anything beyond was bonus.  Well, we are in the bonus.  I really see us continuing until she is a  year old when she can start to have cow's milk.  Right now, it's super easy, she is very efficient and doesn't waste time, and it's also very comforting for both her and I.  I really enjoy it and am going to be sad when we are weaning.

  • We are officially eating solids, lots of solids.  Our list of fruits are bananas, apples, pears, peaches, mangoes, & plums.  And our list of vegetables are sweet potatoes, acorn squash, green beans, peas, & carrots.  We are not a green beans or peas lover at all.  Those two are usually combined with a more favored veggie (i.e. the other three).  She actually enjoys eating the sweet potatoes, squash, & carrots.  She usually gets rice cereal and a cube of fruit in the morning and a cube or two (if combining veggies) of veggies & a cube of fruit in the evening -- so about 4-5 oz of food a day.  I haven't started the finger foods yet as she doesn't have the pincer grasp quite down yet.  The minute I see that, it's on with the finger foods.  I have read that it's actually a myth that she has to have any teeth to eat finger foods -- as long as they are soft and mashable.
  • Speaking of teeth, there are none to speak of.  I think that I feel bumps, but there is no whites on her lower gums.  So no signs of teeth yet.
  • She is still rolling all over the place.  When we lay her on the ground, she doesn't stay on her back long.  She is starting to bring her knees up underneath of her with her face planted in the ground.  Tuesday night, she also started trying to scoot to get to the puppy who was out of reach.  She made slow progress, but her legs were kicking and kicking, trying to get a little forward motion.
  • She is sitting up like a big girl!!!  She loves sitting up!  When laying down, I'll do a count of "1-2-3" and pull her up on three, her eyes will get really big and she will start to smile every single time that she is pulled into a sitting position and left to sit on her own.  She is also pretty stable in her sit.  I haven't tried sitting her on the ground without pillows around her though.  We have hard wood floors and tiled floors.  So there are always lots of pillows.
  • We are still enamored with the pets.  There are lots of giggles, squeals and arm waves.  She loves the cats more than the dogs right now.  But I think that's because the cats are more aloof.  The pups will come up to her face and lick her or come up to us when she on my lap.  The cats generally will not.  There are moments when the curiosity of the cats will win out and they will come close.  But most times not.
  • Something that is relatively knew -- when she gets mad, she will say "Mmmmmmmmammmma" in between whines.  Now I'm no fool.  I know that she isn't calling for me...  Yet.  I always reinforce it with repeating back to her "Mama... Mama..." and coming in and swooping her away.
  • And at the age of seven months, sister knows how to play on my iPad.  We have three apps that she enjoys.  One is called, unsurprising, "Baby Rattle".  This is a sun that bounces around on a changing-color background, playing a note every time it hits a wall.  It goes faster if you touch it and changes directions if you touch the screen away from the sun, but your touch leaves a temporary animal complete with animal noise where you touched.  The second is called "Magic Piano".  It's an app that contains three variation of a piano keyboard.  You can also play songs by touching the screen, but that is way to advanced for her at this point.  She just likes to hit her hand against the screen and pound on the keys.  But her favorite, by far, is called "Peekaboo Barn".  It's an app that contains a barn that has a hidden animal behind the door.  When you touch the barn, the doors open and you see the animal.  The barnyard animal makes noise (i.e. cow moos) and a little kid says what the animal is.  There are 17 different animals.  She can open and shut the barn doors like a pro.  I like this app the best as well, because the kids that say the animal names sound so darn cute.
  • After posting for the past four months that we are transitioning her into her crib, it's official.  She is in her crib now.  We have our routine.  Sometimes she doesn't sleep through the night, but the co-sleeping through the entire night is over.  (insert sad face here.)  Last week, I move her into her crib and she slept until 5am when I had to wake her to feed her because I was in pain from her lack of midnight feedings.  This happened for the first four days in a row.  Then there were a couple of hiccups, but we are back to having the entire night in her crib.  (More on the sleeping transition in a separate post later.)
  • Another HUGE transition coming next week?  Daycare.  Ugh.  This is our last week with SaraBeth and daycare begins next week.  SaraBeth has brought her to the daycare on Monday to acclimatize her to her new surroundings.  SaraBeth even left her on the floor and stepped back to let her play with the other babies and toys.  Finn didn't even know that she was gone.  I think that her transition to daycare will be smoother than I anticipated, but think of me on Tuesday morning, as I'm probably sitting at my desk, anxious, teary-eyed, and counting the seconds until 3:30pm.

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