Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A week in the life (v. 2.1)

Feeling refreshed after bath-time in the kitchen sink.

Always on the move (and she isn't even crawling yet -- boy, are we in for it)

The first thing that most parents stick on their kid's head are Christmas bows.  Not us, we stick warning labels on our child.

Daddy and the big girl.

Prepping for her first Iowa this past Saturday.  The fight song is playing in the background and sister almost yells "Iowa" on cue.

At her first Iowa watch-party in Cleveland -- (don't worry, there will be a Hawkeye post coming later this week).

Practicing to be the first female wide receiver at Iowa.  She's a natural!

I think that she is her own best friend right now.  She just sits and babbles to herself constantly.

Speaking of being her own best friend, E says that I'm making her into a narcissist by letting her talk to herself on my phone all the time.

This is what Sunday mornings look like in our house.  Bed head, jammies, and breakfast.

Pretty lady at SaraBeth's going away party.

At her first day at daycare.  Mommy didn't have the heart to drop her off, so Daddy and SaraBeth did.  Seems like a success (we'll see when I pick her up tonight.)

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