Monday, September 10, 2012

A week in the life (v.2.2)

Trying to show her sitting up -- but she looked away.  At least it's a nice shoot of all the hair that is starting to come in up top!

She is infatuated with seeing herself.  She now wants to put the phone in her mouth everytime that she sees herself.  I like to think that she wants to give herself a big fat kiss -- but it's just "That looks nice!  I want to put it in my mouth!"

The shirt says it all. (Busy Bee)

She is starting to scoot!  It looks like she is dancing.  AH-dorable.

Playing with cousins Syd & Lena's learning center.  If I sing "Reeeeedddd, Yellllllooowww, Greeeeennnnn, Bllllluuuuuee" one more time (it sings the color of the keys as you press them).

"L" is for love, not loser.

We have almost outgrown our carseat.  :(

And this is how Finn reacts to getting three shots at the doctor's office.

Mama's favorite time -- rocking before nap time.

Somebody got to try tea biscuits this week.

And who loved them?  It's obvious.

Mommy bought a set of rose clips on Zulilly.  We ALMOST have enough hair to wear them.

Sooommmmee day, my hair will grow (to the tune of "Some day my prince will come")....

We have an early bird on our hands!  Now if only she could go out and bring back coffee along with that worm...

This is what our Sunday morning looked like.  Pajamas, coffee, the news, and the kitchen floor...

They might turn into BFFs yet...

A question in the back?

Having conversations with Cow and Mommy's Baby Pillow

Bath time!

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