Saturday, September 29, 2012

Happy 32 weeks to my little lady!

  • She had a doctor's appointment two weeks ago.  There she officially weighed 19.5 pounds (around the 75 percentile) and she measured in at 29 inches (over the 95 percentile).  The doctor said that she didn't believe the length (as the nurse measured her) -- but she said the same thing last appointment as well.  Her length was inputted incorrectly into her chart, but the corrected length matched the curve.  We have a tall lady on our hands!
  • Finn is currently in size 3 diapers.  They fit quite nicely and after buying two big boxes of them on sale, hopefully she will be in that size for at least another couple of weeks.

  • She is currently sporting size 6-9 month clothes.  We moved her over about two weeks ago.  She fits quite nicely in them and I was excited to start putting the "new" clothes on her.  E dresses her every morning and he always has such fun mixing and matching her outfits.  As the cooler weather sets in, we have a lot of fun cardigans and also lots of skirts with attached tights!
  • Breastfeeding is going off without a hitch.  We ran into a little snafu at daycare earlier this week.  Daycare said that she wasn't drinking all of her bottles and when she did, that she was taking an eternity to finish it.  My first reaction was that there was something wrong with the way that I was thawing out her milk.  After doing a little googling, I realized that I was still giving her newborn nipples!  The poor girl was just getting tired of trying to suck the milk out!  We have since switched to 6+ month nipples with a larger hole and things seem to be doing better.  I'm also starting to get sad that we only have four months left of breastfeeding.  :(
  • Lady is a serious eater.  She LOVES food.  She still eats the purees (2 oz of fruit during lunch and an oz of fruit & 1-2 oz of veggies for dinner).  But we are also starting her on "big-people" food.  We have given her chicken, beef, and venison.  I usually pre-chew her meats (as she doesn't have any teeth yet and I am NOT going to be blending up a chicken) -- she really likes meat.  We also started giving her rice puffs.  They make all sorts of different kinds.  Funny part is her favorite are the cheapies (totally not complaining).  We are also starting to set her in a high chair while we are out eating at a restaurant and she eats some food (mostly veggies) with us.
  • Still no teeth.  And although there are small signs of teething (I think she is just going to be a drooler forever!  And the ear pulling only comes out when she is tired.), there are no white bumps on her gums and she is NOT cranky at all.  No teeth in the near future.
  • We are still rolling all over the place. 

  • She is an accomplished sitter.  She doesn't really fall over anymore (although I'm afraid to sit her on our kitchen floor for the rare chance that she is going to crash and burn and really hit her head on the tile).  She really likes sitting up and can reach for toys that are out of her reach. 
  • We are not crawling yet.  When she is placed on her tummy and she really wants to get somewhere, her back legs starting kicking furiously, flicking in and out.  But we aren't scooting anywhere but backwards right now and even then, she doesn't realize that she is moving backwards.  She is starting this new thing when she is sitting up, she will lean off to the side with both of her hands on the ground and start trying to scoot her butt.  All she has to do is put her knees underneath her and she would be on all fours.  We got a couple of weeks before she is moving anywhere though.
  • She is a TALKER.  Her latest is lots of "bababa" and "mamama".  She just started with "aaaa, da" this morning.  She screeches and squeals.  She definitely lets you know that she is there when she is awake.

  • She still isn't sleeping through the night.  I start her in her crib around 9pm and between 2-3am, she wakes up.  I move her into our bed at that point and we sleep together until morning.  It works for us because Eain sleeps later than I do and he then sleeps next to her until he wakes up in the morning.  There are mornings that she doesn't even wake up by 8am when he has to leave for work.  So he has to wake her up those mornings.
  • The big development this month was daycare.  We are a daycare kid now.  And she really enjoys daycare.  The first two days were hard on both her and I.  But she has acclimatized very well and she really likes the ladies that take care of her (especially Miss Rosa who likes to call her Chunky).  She is usually at daycare from 8:30 until 4:00pm each day.  We haven't gotten super sick yet which surprises me.  We got sick the first time she visited and once during her first week, but ever since then, neither her or I have gotten even so much as a cold (of course, she has boogers, but it's not the snots that we had after her first visit).
  • She has started reaching for me when someone else is holding her.  When I put out my hands for her, she will lean and reach for me if she wants me instead of whoever is holding her.

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