Wednesday, September 5, 2012


No, not the Greek exclamation, but the German word "Opa" meaning grandfather.  We had a visit from E's parents and one of his nieces this past weekend.  They flew in on Thursday evening and left early on Sunday morning.  The last time that they had seen Finn, she was four weeks old.  Boy, has she changed since then!

They couldn't get over her pudgy legs and her rolls.  I mean, who can?  She gained over 10 pounds since they last saw her, which is a dramatic change.  She took to them quickly (despite the photo above -- I couldn't resist and I don't have any "cute" photos of her cranky face).  We didn't do much in their stay, eating in their first two nights here and going to a football watch party their last day here.  But it was wonderful to see them bond with Finn.

I seriously need a new computer -- our matted screen at home isn't doing the trick.  I had to change the exposure to E in this photo and it completely washed him out (which I couldn't tell on my computer at home).  I'm going to re-edit this photo this evening and swap it out -- so if you see this before it's done, sorry for the exposure mishap (it will be corrected)!

E's niece, Neave, was especially taken.  Neave had been staying with E's parents in New York for a week or two before school started the following week in Oklahoma.  I was told that Finn was a good behavioral tool for her as if she started doing something naughty or not listening, Granny or Opa would simply ask her if she wanted to go and see the baby.  Once those words were voiced, Neave straightened right now as she was super excited to come and see her baby cousin.

From the moment that Neave arrived, Finn was smitten.  They sat on the floor and Neave started spinning tales of Finn's toys and Finn couldn't keep her eyes off of Neave.  There were princess fairy wands and cats & dogs opening doors.  Seeing a peek into the imaginary world of a little girl made me super excited for the next couple of years.


I do think that Munk is growing accustomed to Finn.  I'm not sure if he is really showing affection or just wants to lick either the snot or the food off of her face and hands.  Speaking of snot, Finn came down with a nasty cold on Wednesday.  SaraBeth had taken her to the daycare on Monday and on Wednesday for 30 minutes each day.  By Wednesday night, Finn was so clogged up that we had to get out the vaporizer, the blue snot sucker & Vicks as well as putting her bed at an incline so she could sleep better (note she didn't sleep well, just better).

We had a girls' only session on Saturday morning while Granny & Mommy drank tea & coffee and the little girls played together on the iPad.  Granny braided Neave's hair while Finn & I played peekaboo with barnyard animals.  In looking through my photos, I realized too late that I didn't get any photos with Granny and Finn -- so that'll will be for their next trip out.

A pajama'ed Finn showed Neave how to play with Magic Piano.  And Neave gave us a roaring rendition of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" that even Mozart would be impressed with.  The Magic Piano app contained play along songs that included "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star".  It was a big hit on a lazy Saturday morning.

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