Monday, September 17, 2012

A week in the life (v.2.3)

As fall is approaching and with cooler temps in the evening, we are taking almost daily walks around the neighborhood.  Despite the lack of enthusiasm on her face here, she really does enjoy them.

I think we are still in the bald baby category, but it's coming in slowly...

New thing -- "Bababababa"  I absolutely LOVE the face that she makes when she is trying to say it.

E was away for a conference at the beginning of this week -- that meant sleeping with Mama!

One of my favorite videos to date -- she is seriously taking up singing (& drumming) for her supper.

Finn & Daddy "sharing" a drink at our bar

Wearing Daddy's hat -- she is just the cutest EVAH!

Seriously, what do I have to do to get some service around here?!?!?

Finn's first pair of jeans -- perfect for the Iowa game! (And yes, the puddle that she is laying in is from her head -- she had just woke from a nap -- sister is a serious head-sweater)

We are starting some baby-led-weaning.  We were successful with bananas!  It's funny to watch her.  Bananas are her favorite pureed food.  But she was having some serious issues with the texture of the bananas.  It was almost like she didn't want to get her hands sticky.

Singing along with the "remote control" during the Iowa game.

Napping with Lucy

One of the other of my favorite videos to date -- we are just "bababa"ing up a storm!

She isn't quite sure of the puffs yet.  They don't tend to want to let go of her hand.  See the above mention of  disdain for textures & sticky hands.

You give Stella an inch and she will lay on it!  I put Finn's shirt down on the table and within 5 minutes, Stella found it and had to lay on it.

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