Monday, November 5, 2012

A week in the life (v.4.1)

This video is from a week ago -- but I had to share it...  One of the days that Daddy dressed her.  Too cute for words.

Before Eain left for his conference for the week, we went out to eat.  She wanted to sit at the table like everyone else.

Sitting in a big girl chair...  Let the crankiness ensue...

Daddy and Finn

On Halloween night, we started our Halloween traditions and carved a pumpkin.

She was quite amazed by the pumpkin.  I guess I would be amazed about something that was orange and the same size as me!

Mean Mommy -- taking photos of food stuck on my face!

Happy girl in the morning before going to daycare!

Excited girl, seeing herself on the video.

I was called out of work to pick up Finn on Friday at 10:30am.  Poor girl had a rising fever...

This is how we spent over 7 hours on Friday (not joking).  She slept and slept and slept.

She would wake up for 10 minute increments -- acting completely normal, but totally drowsy.

Here is one of her 10 minute stints later in the day (after sleeping for 5-6 hours).

Laying in bed before shutting off the lights.  She wasn't acting sick, so I simply treated the fever and played the waiting game.

 Feeling 95% by the next day.  Still a little sleepy, watching our poor Iowa Hawkeyes lose to Indiana.

 Practicing standing up for herself.

Daddy's home!  We went to breakfast to celebrate!

Getting ready for the trick-or-treaters on Sunday.  Due to Superstorm Sandy, our town's trick-or-treating was pushed back to Sunday evening. 

 Sitting, waiting patiently for the kids to come.

This is what we did while we waited.  Yes, that's one of my Xmas trees.  Don't judge.  It's a 9 foot OLD pre-lit that I'm cutting off the lights because the fuses and lights are bonkers.

Sitting outside after 45 minutes of no trick-or-treaters -- still waiting....

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  1. I very much like what appears to be a beer sitting next to the bowl of candy! Why did I not think of that!!!!!