Monday, November 12, 2012

A Week in the Life (v.4.2)

So about two weeks ago, Finn came home from daycare with green paint under her fingernail.  I just thought they were playing with fingerpaints that day (I had commended them for their bravery of fingerpainting with the babes).  Well, last week -- they sent her home with her first art project!  I want to keep it forever -- but know that live things don't keep in cedar chests.  So photos will have to suffice.  (The green paint is her handprints -- one on their side of "Finorah 2012")

Election Day!

Election coverage by Finorah -- brought to you by the colors "red & blue"

Wild Friday night -- just us girls & a 9 foot Xmas tree...

All set up with toys (both human and cat -- for some reason, she LOVES the kitty toys).

Sister is moving!  This is her in reverse...

And this is her in drive.  She isn't quite crawling, but she is definitely moving around the floor.

The hair is getting long enough to do a side part.

In her new fancy kitty cat jammies -- we have officially moved into size 12 months.

I don't want to work -- I want to bang on my drum all day!

At daycare, they said that her favorite toy is a toy drum.  She will sit there all day and just bang on it, smiling and laughing.  We busted out the pots and spoons to have our own make-shift drum set.

A duck walked up to a lemonade stand and he said to the man running the stand -- 

"Hey!  Got any grapes?"  Still in love with that song...

Sitting outside on a balmy November Sunday -- temps around 60 degrees. Watching Daddy hang the Xmas lights while Mommy tells him where they are supposed to go.

"Can you say "O'Toodles with me?  O'Toooooooooodles!"  She loves her Mickey Mouse car from Grammy Pasker.  She is big enough to sit on it and hang on for dear life, while Mama careens her around the dining room table and into the kitchen -- honking the horn to get the dogs out of the way lest they get run over.
(Also, of note, Lady got her first road rash on Sunday -- she biffed it on the sidewalk trying to do from a sitting position into a crawling position and scratched up the tip of her nose and her upper lip.  Nothing terrible -- but you can see a little redness in the photo.)

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