Monday, November 19, 2012

A Week in the Life (v.4.3)

Sleeping beauty

We love to grab video of her bedhead.  Now that her hair is getting longer, it is becoming more apparent.

We all scream for "J-E-L-L-O!"

Sister took a nosedive on the sidewalk the previous Sunday and had scratched up the tip of her nose nice.

Her reaction when Daddy comes home...

Munk gave her a swift karate chop to her head -- knocked her right over...

"Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya.  You killed my father..."  One of the many marks of being a Mother -- sister swiped me and left a nice mark on my face.

Finn's first photo as a photographer.  I think that she is into abstract art.

We have hit a milestone this week.  We have a crawler!

Just hangin' and playin' and crawlin'.

I couldn't catch it -- but the first thing she does on this video, is try to scoop out applesauce with her hand and eat it (but the bowl was empty).  She had done it numerous times, but the minute I whip out my camera -- it's like she knows.

In our crawling adventures, we found the dog bowl.  Munk was not amused.

Sunday was dress like Daddy's day. I absolutely LOVE her potbelly in this photo.

When we put on her sneakers, she then became a shoe model.

Look at my beautiful shoes, Mom.

Going for her first cruise with Daddy in a 1965 Sears lawn tractor.

Yes, he is trying to strap a baby to his lawn tractor...

He wanted me to add that it is totally safe, because she is rear facing...

Being that Finorah is only 9 months old and doesn't realize what Christmas is.  We totally gave her her Christmas present last night.  As you can see by the video, she LOVES it.

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