Monday, November 26, 2012

A Week in the Life (v.4.4)

Daddy is getting pretty darn good at putting together some cute outfits!

We got Finorah's passport back -- it appears the gov't wants to rename her...
(PS Eain is IN LOVE with her passport photo -- he thinks that she looks like an Irish mobster.)

In preparing to flyout of the Cleveland airport, we found a wreath that really struck Finn's fancy...

This is before all holy hell broke loose...

Stuck in O'Hare (that post will be later in the week), we went to the kids' play area and Finn got to stretch out her legs.

Trying to figure out where the announcer was.

We even fell asleep on the floor of the airport waiting for my parents to arrive.

We got kicked out of the kids' play area and so we sat in the terminal, sleeping...

An exhausted traveler...

Somebody wanted juice, but was too lazy to hold her bottle.

Cousins!!!!  Only 5 months apart.

My dad and I got to take in the Iowa/Nebraska game -- due to the 30 degree temps with 10-15mph winds, we had a three touchdown rule (we would leave if Nebraska scored more than three TDs more than we did).  Surprisingly, we got to stay for the whole game!

Sister started happy screeching while at my parents.  This whole weekend, happy screams from all corners.

Eating breakfast in Iowa.

Helping Grammy put up her Christmas lights.

So we think that the little lady is already getting her second tooth.  She won't let us in her mouth.  This is her reaction when we move our fingers to put them in her mouth.

Sitting pretty with cousin Owen.

Somebody likes to ride ponies!

Naptime with Uncle Cory.

She wanted to be such a big girl and walk like cousin Owen.

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