Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Week (or Three) in the Life (v.2014.17)

We stopped by Daddy's work and Finn snapped a shot.

Jabber jaw...

At Fish's four month check-up -- 97% in length (26.5 inches) and 85% in weight (17.6 lb).

Someone likes jumping around.

Jump around! Jump around! Jump up, jump up and get down!

My life right now...

Making funny faces (v.1)

Love my girl

Got to have drinks with an old friend two weeks ago -- miss his face...

We celebrated National Donut Day right.

Doing our numbers in the post office

We can fit our entire solar system on our sidewalk!

"I'm trying to make him feel better"

Two Mondays ago, Munk went in for surgery.  He had two (benign fatty) lumps removed and his teeth cleaned.  This is his last moment of freedom before arriving at the vet.

Fish still figuring out how to eat real food.

I think someone is going to be a chef with the way that she likes to cut up her food.

Who's that handsome devil I see in that little black box?

Making faces (v.2)

Hanging in the lawn chair

At the races

Watching the quads jump high!

Someone had a lot of fun!

Brother and Daddy on Tyler's quad

Future racer

To say that someone had fun at the races was an understatement -- her clothes were originally white (due to the predicted hot temps and sun, I tried to put light clothes that would cover on).

Brown is the new white.

The next morning photo of her sock line.

Good morning, Tiger!

I love my Tiger!

Ma, can you STOP with the photos?

Group selfie

Munky loves Baby Brother

So does Mommy

Some of the recent researches to led people to the website.  Apparently someone didn't think that she could go fishing at 38 weeks pregnant.

Munky thinks that Fish is going to be his new best friend and already wants to play ball with him.

We had a breakthrough on Monday at the library!!!!  Someone shared!!!!!!!!!

Our first big puzzle completed at the library.  She was so proud.

Brother is getting ready to have a meltdown as sister continues with her puzzles.

We had our first water balloons of the season.

She hasn't realized what they are yet.

Daddy bought these daisies for Finn to give to Mommy (bc she was a bad girl that day) -- that was over two weeks ago and they are still thriving!

I noticed that Munky tore his stitches in one site.  He was restitched on Monday.  We have an appointment on Thursday to see if we are still okay to head to Iowa this weekend.

The Cone of Shame

She loved her first Princess Leah buns.

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