Saturday, June 21, 2014

Gone fishin' at 20 weeks

  • Unscientifically, Fish is topping the scales at 19 pounds and is 27.5 inches long!  Hello, Chunky Chunkerson! 
  • When he was born, he had a head of dark hair.  That quickly faded out and became the same light blonde color that Finn had.  She didn't get a full head of hair until around her first birthday.  And although he has more hair than she did, I think that we may still have the same story.  He has quite the little sprouts going on upstairs with a couple long stragglers that are overachievers.  My current favorite past time is rubbing his soft fuzzy hair on my cheek.
  • There is absolutely no doubt that he is going to be a spitting image of E.  There are times when he looks exactly like Finn and then there are times where he doesn't look similar to her at all.  But there is no mistaking E's resemblance there.  He has the same eye structure as him and the same ears.

  • We started eating rice cereal a couple of weeks ago.  We are now up to a tablespoon & a half in the morning and a tablespoon & a half at night.  We had some minor inconveniences of introducing rice cereal, namely no more daily poos.  He now saves up for an extravaganza of poo every 2-3 days.  This usually results in an entire outfit change and sometimes a bath if I can't get to it immediately (and I'm talking immediately).  I'm afraid to up the amount during a single sitting as the amount going in has to come out.
  • We have a love/hate relationship with tummy time.  He is excellent at it and loves the attention he gets for being so good at it initially.  But after about 3 minutes, the novelty wears off and he gets pissed.  Yesterday we had a good five minutes before a meltdown ensued.  He also is notorious for puking copious amounts all over his mat.
  • He is now double-fisting.  He will hold things in his hand and can pass them from one hand to another.  He likes to take out his bink and look at it.  He can't really put it back in his mouth, though he is trying.  He is also reaching out and grasping at things, like the little stuff toys that are hanging overhead when he is in his pack-n-play.  But his two favorite thing to do with his hands are still shove them in his mouth or find his feet.
  • He is in a size 3 diapers.  Pretty crazy considering his older sister is only in a size 4.  I was thinking that we may stay in 3's for a while, but if he keeps growing, it won't be but a couple of months.  When wrapped around his little chunky tummy, the closures are already more than halfway towards the outside edge.
  • He is still sporting 3-6 month clothes.  But this is mostly because I haven't bought a lot of 6-9 size stuff.  So right now we are basically living in about 4 onesies and 3 shortie-onesies and since it's summer I can get away with it.  I dressed him up last weekend to visit family and the shorts fit -- but the poor dude looked like a 10-pound sausage in a 5-pound casing.  The muffin-top was quite extreme and I ended up not putting his shorts back on after his first diaper change because I felt bad.  So I think it's safe to say that he should be wearing 6-9 month clothes, but I'm just too lazy to switch out his clothes.
  • We are still breastfeeding, which is going well.  A couple of months ago when he was a wee one, I was making too much milk to feed him on both sides, not the case now.  He still eats every two hours at least.  There are times when I feed him on both sides, but the majority of the time I don't.  Why you may ask, especially if he is eating so frequently?  Why not feed him both sides to space out the feedings?  He pukes.  If I feed him both sides, he will most likely puke a lot of it back up and then I end up feeding him again in an hour or two anyways.  (Part of the reason why we started him on the rice cereal)
  • Another part of the reason why we are eating so frequently is he now realizes that there is stuff going on around him.  He'll start eating and then see something out of the corner of his eye and turn to check it out.  Most of the times, it's just me & my face.  He'll turn and look up at me and then give me the biggest sh*t-ass-grin and then turn back to eating, only to do that again within 15-20 seconds.  It's too adorable to get annoyed with.
  • Our nap schedule is pretty routine (sort of).  He will take a 2 hour nap in the morning, a 2 hour nap in the afternoon, and an hour nap in the evening, until a couple of days ago, that is.  He is now quite finicky about napping.  His naps lately haven't lasted more than an hour and he is telling me how tired he is about 45 minutes after waking up all day long.  Nothing has changed, I think that he is just slowly "waking up" so to speak and he is pretty cranky about it.
  • Nighttime sleeping is still pretty good-ish.  We hit the hay around 8:00-9:00.  And he doesn't wake up for the day until around 7:00am.  But he wakes up at least 3-4 times during the night.  Last night was a good night and I think he only woke up twice.  He was down to a single feeding, but not the case anymore.  It actually went hand in hand with when he started getting so distracted during feeding during the day.  I'm hopeful that this won't last longer than a month or so.
  • Brother LOVES to sit up -- with help, of course. And he does it like its his job.  We do a countdown (1, 2, 3) to sitting up and he will start to try to sit up by himself at #2.  Once he gets up, his head starts bobbing around, checking out his surroundings.  He also now LOVES to stand up.  He is able to put his weight on his legs for a good chunk of time -- but still needs support.  And if he could choose between standing and sitting, he would choose standing every single time.
  • He is also a Mama's Boy.  I can't leave his line of sight.  If I'm near him, he will usually play on his own.  But if I walk out of the room, all holy hell breaks loose.  In fact, right now he is sitting on the computer table, preoccupied with a mobile on his bouncy chair (but just two seconds before he was sitting in his play-n-pack screaming because I walked out of the room to throw his dirty diaper away.
  • He has become a big talker lately.  And it's funny to ask Finn what he is saying, thinking that she would make something up.  Nope.  She tries to imitate exactly the noise that he was saying, usually long drawn-out monotone "aaaaaaaaaah"s.
  • Speaking of Finn, Fish is enamored with his sister. He will sit and watch her for the longest time (which isn't very long).  But she gets the best smiles and laughs.
  • He is also a big mover and shaker.  Lots and lots of kicking going on when I'm changing diapers.  And lots of kicking going on when he is in his bouncy chair as he realizes that his kicking makes it bounce.  Also lots of kicking at the mobile in the pack-n-play, knowing that the kicks move the entire thing and make the mobile sway (or sometimes he gets lucky and kicks them himself).
  •  Another favorite of mine currently?  The tickle countdown.  Fish will be laying down.  I'll hold his wrists and count "1... 2... 3!" and on 3, I'll push him wrists down on either side of his head.  Then I go in for the kill and bit on his ribcage.  It's the hardest that I've ever heard him laugh.  In fact, he starts giggling after 2, knowing what is coming next. 

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