Saturday, June 7, 2014

Don't feed the animals!

Fish had his four month doctor's check up last Monday.  We are sitting at 17.4 pounds and 26.5 inches long.  I was pretty close unscientifically.  The doctor gave me the go ahead to start feeding him some rice cereal due to the fact that he is HUGE and my poor little body might need a rest from trying to keep up with feeding him.  So Tuesday night, we tried rice cereal.  He wasn't too sure and much didn't make it into his stomach while most of it ended up ONTO his stomach.  We've kept up with feeding him one meal a day and he is starting to get the hang of the spoon.  He is definitely excited to be eating off of a spoon and whenever that spoon touches his lips, he starts bobbing and a'weavin' like he is fighting Rocky.  I can't get the next spoon up to his lips fast enough!

We gave Finn an old point and shoot camera for our last trip to the zoo.  Now we can't take it away from her!  E was smart enough to attach a little bendable tripod on the bottom of it so that she can hold onto the camera without her fingers covering the lens.  She is a riot with that sucker.  While I was trying to snap photos of Brother eating for the first time, she HAD to have her camera and she would pick it up whenever I would pick mine up to try and capture the same moment that I was.

It's funny but we haven't seen a decrease in his consumption of breast milk yet.  I realize that we have only been feeding him for 3 days, but he is still getting up almost as much in the middle of the night.  The doctor gave approval of feeding already to also get him to start sleeping through the night.  I think that with the increasing heat of the summer and the fact that he is a head-sweater (just as his sister was/is), he gets so hot sleeping.  I can always tell when he is tired by the temperature of his head.  Finn was the same way, as she gets more tired, her head gets really hot.  When Finn used to sleep with us, I would have to lay down a towel underneath her head to soak up the sweat -- I have to the same thing for Fish.

There is no rolling on our horizon, although he is getting VERY good at holding up his head during tummy time.  He still cries after a while, but he can easily stay on his tummy now for five minutes before he starts to get really fussy.  He is definitely a scooter while on his tummy.  His legs start kicking and pushing off the floor.  They aren't getting flung into the air to swing himself over yet.

Sister has finally hit her "I'M-TWO-AND-I-AM-FEELING-ALL-THE-FEELINGS!!!!!!!!!"  She gets very upset about the littlest things, which leads to lots of hitting, kicking, and now biting.  I think that she is a little late to the let's-get-aggressive party, but she still made it before the party was over.  I'm trying my best with her, but was told that her behavior is pretty normal (although it can be quite embarrassing in front of the moms that I'm trying to become friends with).  I started getting worried that I was raising an anti-social psychopath, but have since realized that she isn't hitting or kicking the dogs or cats (or even Fish) -- just me.  We hurt the ones that we love most, right?

I got an e-mail from my old supervisor about a new (but the same) position in a different department available.  And now I'm torn between whether I want to return to work or stay home.  I love staying home with them.  I get to spend all my time with them.  We get to do fun things.  But there are some days where I wonder if the stability and structure of daycare would be better for both of them than what I currently give them.  And Finn isn't getting very much social interaction, which I'm hoping is not detrimental to her growth.  Plus I'm not a very good teacher in recognizing numbers and letters.  I feel like I'm being selfish in wanting to stay home with them and that daycare would be a better place.  When I spoke to E about it, he told me that I wouldn't like any situation that I was in.  I'm still torn.  I wish that I could have the salary and stay home, so that I could hire someone in to be friends with my kids.  Ha.

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