Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Off to the races

 (Apologies in advance for the writing of this post -- my brain is absolute mush.  I have been flying solo since Saturday, that post is coming...)

Two weekends ago, some of my family came into our state for a ATV MX race at Briarcliff Race Track.  Being that family was only 2.5 hours away, we were on our way!  We had a great day hanging out at the race track and got to see quite a couple races.  Finn LOVED being there.  I'm not sure if she loved the racing as much as she loved Freddy, Nan, Carly & Tyler.  I think that the fact that we basically let her play with ice & water all day made her pretty happy as well as the fact that we let her eat all day too.

Fish was really good at the races.  It was pretty loud and I was uncertain as to how he would do.  But after the initial startle response of how loud the actual races were, he was an absolutely DREAM all day (until we were driving home.  Although he did nap quite a bit during the day, it wasn't as much as he usually does and it was in the carseat.  By the time we were driving home, he was O-V-E-R his carseat and overly tired.  We had to pull off to the side of the road so I could get him out of the car to rock him to sleep before continuing on the 2.5 hours home).

Handing and waiting

Tyler all suited up


Napping at the track

I swear I clip his nails -- he just has amazing nails that grow so quickly and are so sharp!

Dirty Finn -- halfway to the final result.  The only photos I got of the final result are phone photos which don't display her dirtiness as much as was in real life.

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