Thursday, July 3, 2014

A week in the life (v.2014.18)

Little Miss Chef

Sneaking out during the day to meet with Daddy

Someone thought it was so fun!

PS One of those was Mommy's and one was Daddy's

Baking up a cherry/raspberry/blueberry pie

Somebody is a creeper -- I found this photo taken at Target by Finn.

Singing songs

Practicing counting by counting bugs

Starting to stand up like a big boy

He knows how to bounce himself in his Babysitter

Daddy took off for a conference last week, which meant Mama slept with two little monkeys.

Last Sunday, Fish came down with a summer cold.  We spent most of the day like this.

Finn is becoming obsessed with Mommy's shoes.

On Monday night, we had a drunk driver take out about 25 feet of our bushes.

I told E that he wasn't allowed to leave for his summer conference anymore as bad things always happen.  Last year, there was six inches of water in our basement.  This year, sick kids, drunk drivers ripping out bushes, and... our power went out for an entire hot, sticky day before he came back.

Tickle bug

Back to his normal self.

During the day without power, I decided to sort through Finn's shoes.  Someone is a shoe horse like her mama.

Catching soccer fever!

Daddy brought Finn back a purse and a magnifying glass from his trip.

Don't tell sister, but brother is eating her fruit snacks!

Friends came to stay with us on Thursday evening.  We hit up the lake for the sunset after dinner.


Lake Erie at its finest.

Mama and Fish selfie

Ole' Blue Eyes

Finn loved throwing rocks into the lake. She would pick one up and count on her fingers "1, 2, 3!" and then throw it.


Skipping stones on the lake

Daddy playing a trick on Finn

Finn & Mama selfie

Our last night in Ohio, we all slept together.  This is how I found them in the morning.

We stopped on our way out to Iowa at a McDonalds play area.  I was disappointed that this was all they had for kids under 3 -- she wasn't allowed to play on the big playground.

Sleeping fish

My babies

The faces of Fish

Happy Fish

Finn fell asleep before we got to the playground

My brother had his second boy on July 1st.  8lb 4oz & 22inches long!
Visiting Baby Reid -- Finn took some photos on my phone

Papa & Fish & Mommy while visiting the baby through Finn's eyes

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