Monday, July 7, 2014

A babe is born

Mimi & Reid

My brother had his second baby on July 1st.   He arrived right on his due date, just like his older brother did.  Everyone took a turn at getting some newborn snuggles, even Finn did!  One of my brother's wife's friends came with her two girls.  Finn had a great time playing with her youngest girl.  We missed Owen, the proud big brother by a couple of hours.  Being with a brand-new baby brought
 me back to the stories of the two times I was in the hospital with my not-so-teeny babies.  It all seems just like yesterday and then so long ago all in the same breath.

 Finn was not impressed with the little guy.
He felt so little and teeny compared to Fish.

Papa snuggles

Newborn squishiness

Sharing secrets

Fish seemed like such a monster compared to the wee one.

Papa keeping Fish entertained while everyone holds the new baby

Finn even got a turn at doing some holding.

Happy family minus one proud big brother

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