Thursday, July 17, 2014

Grams & off-roadin'

And here comes the barrage of the photos that I took from Iowa.  In looking at the photos, I think there will be a total of four posts -- all filled to the brim with photos.  We got to see my GramMona quite a few times this trip.  She suffers from some medical issues that don't make it possible for her to see us each time we come home.  Getting to see her 4-5 times was a delightful treat!  She is my maternal grandmother, making her Finn & Fish's great-grandmother.

My mother is one of nine, with 5 sisters.  Our family is very close (which is why it's so difficult for me to live so far away) and each of her sisters isn't a great-aunt to my kids.  They are each a grandma to my babies.  This is because every single one of these women love my babies as if they were their very own grandchildren.  And so we have GramNan in the above photo with a sleeping Fish.  And GramVicki below with a wrapped-up Fish.  We also got visits from GramDawn and got to see GramBecky (unfortunately no photos of them).

My dad is also from a very large family -- one of 11.  And his sister gave him a battery operated truck for the grandkids to use.  And use it they did!  I'm pretty sure that Silverado wasn't meant to be driven by two-year-olds.  But there was some serious off-roadin' done during our time in Iowa.  It had three gears; low, high & reverse (which got used ALOT).  Finn wasn't at the point where steering was important.  Papa simply taught her one phrase, which I hope she forgets by the time that she is 16...  "Smash the gas."

As you can see in the photo below, Papa had to chase her around and make sure that she didn't hit trees, because as I mentioned earlier -- steering wasn't important to her.  The thing that was most important to her was to make sure that those that were standing on the side-lines were watching her.  She would crane her neck in the most awkward and uncomfortable positions to ensure that she had an audience.  And while "low gear" was okay to learn to drive, it was "high gear" that the wind whipped through her hair -- as well as her head whipping back at the quick pick-up of "smashing the gas".

Fish didn't get to partake in the Silverado rides.  He did get to go on a few 'Gator rides.  My parents bought a 'Gator (which is like a golf cart on steroids).  So he did get to have some fun -- but he wasn't too keen on driving.  Yet...

My brother's oldest came over a couple of times and they go to ride together.  There wasn't as much fighting as I expected on who was going to get to drive and who was going to ride.  They both took turns quite well -- as long as they were in the truck while it was moving.  I think that Papa enjoyed it when Owen was driving more as Owen could actually steer.  He just had to oversee that they didn't go onto the road or watch them more carefully when I decided to be the Tickle Monster and chase them around the yard.  When the Tickle Monster arrived, Owen would immediately step off the gas which caused the truck to come to a screeching halt and also gave me quite a few stubbed toes on the tires.

Up next... "Fire in the sky"  Also known as fireworks...

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