Saturday, July 19, 2014

Gone fishin' at 24 weeks

  • According to our unscientific weighing and measurements, Fish is weighing in at a whopping 20.4 pounds!!  (I had E even come in and repeat the weight to make sure that it was correct.)  And he is measuring in at a staggering 28 inches.  He has more than doubled his birth weight and added an additional 6 inches on to his length!  But I think that he is starting to slow down on the growing department (at least compared to the tear that he was on at the beginning).
  • The big dude is sporting size 3 diapers.  He is one size smaller than his two & half year old sister.
  • He gets A LOT of complements on his eyes.  They are a light blue in the center and then have a dark blue ring around them.  Beautiful blue eyes. 
  •  Just this week, I started to pack up his 3-6 month clothes and started to pull out his 6 month stuff.  I think that we should have probably switched over earlier in the month, but with our travels to Iowa, I didn't get out his bigger clothes in time.  So during our trip to Iowa, most of his pants and shorts were either high waters or a little too tight with a button undone. 
  • He will be starting solids today!  Hooray for bananas!  He has been eating rice cereal for the past month.  I'm not sure he is a huge fan.  Sometimes he will gobble up the bowl and want more, other times, he is entirely indifferent after the initial excitement of being able to eat. He think that he needs some flavor (just like his mama).  Speaking of flavor, he loves sucks from a popsicle and is addicted to ice cream!  You can't give him ice cream at the beginning of your bowl or cone.  Otherwise, he is angrily telling you that he wants more and when it's gone, you have an very upset 5 month old on your hands.
  •  Fish is a rolling fool!  Okay, not really -- but he has rolled from his back to his front -- but I missed it. And then he rolled from his front to his back another day and again, I missed it!  Since then, we haven't done a whole lot of rolling.  But that's because he was working on something else.
  • Fish can sit up!!!!  He is still really wobbly and face-plants quite often.  But he has gotten and understands that his hands need to be tripoded down in front of him.  He can sit by himself for a couple of minutes most times before his core starts to get really wiggly and then he keels over.
  • He also has become quite the scoocher.  When placed in his pack 'n play, he will end up in an entirely different spot when I come back. 
  • The kid is very ticklish.  The funniest part about how ticklish he is happens when I try to take off his onesies.  The minute that I lift up his arm to take it out -- he rolls to the side and instantly begins to giggle as he thinks that I'm going to tickle his armpit.

  • Fish enjoys a view.  You can hold him sitting down and he will cry.  Continue to hold him the same way and stand up and the boy is fine!  He loves being able to see everything and needs to know what's going on around him.

  • The dude loves to stand up on his own (with support, of course).  He has gotten quite good that putting all his weight on his little chubby legs.  And he can hold his weight for a good 20 seconds.
  • But if you pull him up into a standing position on your lap, don't be surprised if he starts trying to jump.  He LOVES his jumper and he loves to jump in your lap.  And these aren't any little jumps -- these are big, huge jumps, bringing him all the way down into a crouching position and then trying to rocket himself into the air.
  • We have seriously entered into the Mommy-Knows-Best phase.  Brother will have NONE of it once he sees Mommy.  He is great with anyone holding him -- until he sees that Mama is lurking by.  Then suddenly the person that is holding him is pinching him & he starts crying.  He will continue to cry until I come and rescue him and the minute that I take him, he stops crying. 


    •  He loves people as well.  He gives the best smiles away and isn't shy about it.  All you have to do is talk to him and he is smiling at you regardless of whether he knows you or not.
    • He has also found his voice.  Like seriously found his voice.  He does LOTS of squawking and screeching.  He is big into breathy call-outs.  And there is a fine line between when he is calling out for attention and when he starts to cry.
    • He still sleeps with me.  But that's because he is nursing at least 3 times a night still (another big reason why I'm going to be pushing solids as he eats all the time).  We hit the hay around 8:30 and he is awake usually between 6:30 - 7:00.  Last night was a rough night with LOTS of nursing and cranking (not crying, just whining and cranking).
    • He eats ALL THE TIME.  His sister was a scheduled nurser -- every three hours almost on the dot.  This guy just wings it -- he eats when he's hungry.  And he seems to be hungry a lot more than she ever was.  He eats almost every two hours.
    • Fish loves his feet.  They can entertain him for at least 5 minutes before he gets tired of that and starts looking for me.

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