Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Week in the Life (v2014.19)

While I cull through all the photos I took in Iowa, phone photos will whet your appetite.

Chatty Cathy telling stories about Mimi and Papa

Brother and Mama waiting for the fireworks

We had a bubble maker to pass the time as we waited for dark.  Finn LOVED it.

Fish started getting a little sleepy right before sunset.

Getting the chairs all set up.

Mimi and Papa

Morning view

Morning view part II

Mere seconds later

The morning wake up call


Enjoying some patriotic yogurt-covered raisins

We got to go to the county fair as well!

Finn presenting me with a "birthday cake"

Sitting up like a big boy!

She is a little mess maker

Faux hawk

He found his voice while at Mimi and Papa's.  I have at least 3 videos of him just squealing like this.

Making a wooden sandwich

Chilling with his pants unbuttoned.  Time to move up a size...

Asleep with Mimi at a fish fry

Beautiful boy

Watching Owen play

Cory with the wee one

He was mid-squall

This was the sunrise on our way back to Ohio.  Gorgeous, simply gorgeous...

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