Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Party Poopers

This is what happens in Iowa -- random deer heads lurk in the corner of  your photos.

So potty training has kicked into high gear once we arrived in Iowa.  Of course, it did because I was caught unprepared without big-girl panties (for her, not me).  Finn has been spending a lot of her mornings in Iowa just like she arrived into this world... Naked.

We have had huge developments in that when she is naked, she never has accidents.  She pees in the potty every single time.  The exclaim of "Look, Mommy, Mimi, Papa, look!" has been uttered more times than I can count as we all (including Mimi and Papa) sprint for the bathroom to shout "Hooray!" while hovering for a teeny little potty that has been in the family for decades.  And she has also done not one, but two of the other deed unassisted -- heading to the bathroom solo and then coming back to show me what she did.

Unfortunately, we aren't really there  yet.  We tried clothes today with (newly purchased) big-girl panties and we had two accidents before 10am.  Once I took the shorts & panties off, she was accident free the remainder of the morning.  Close, but no cigar.

I will give on tip of advice.  If you have photos of poo on your phone as I did (because we were so damn excited that she pooped in the pot, I took a photo and texted it to E), don't hand that phone to your two year old while in a store.  People WILL look at you strangely as your daughter does show-and-tell with said photo, asking what it is and then exclaiming quite loudly "That's my poop!", even if it is a Wal-Mart in small-town Iowa.

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