Monday, July 21, 2014

Fire in the sky

Who doesn't love bubbles?  My girl is infatuated with bubbles.  Mimi was smart enough to buy a bubble machine.  So no one got light-headed in the taking of these photos.  Papa & Mimi, the kids, & I went to see Finn & Fish's first fireworks.  We went to a local town, which is also the site for The Field of Dreams(which celebrated it's 25th year anniversary this year).  "People will come, Ray.  People will come to Iowa."

But we arrived for the fireworks early enough to indulge in A LOT of bubbles.  In fact, we used up all the bubbles in the first 20 minutes of getting there.  But the memories that I captured are absolutely priceless to me.  She is the poster child for unadulterated bliss with these bubbles.

As for the fireworks, Finn had wore herself out by the time that they arrived.  She was ready to go home.  Owen & Cory showed up for the fireworks and Owen & Fish sat on Papa's lap.  Finn had her head down on his shoulder as the fireworks started.  Owen was the cutest EVER -- he kept telling Finn "You're okay, I got you." and putting his hand on her arm in a protective gesture.  She fell asleep during the show.  Her brother decided to stay awake for the entire thing!

While in Iowa, we had our fair share of strong storms roll through the area.  The photos below are Mother Nature's edition of "fire in the sky".  They are SOOC (or for those aren't up on the photography lingo -- Straight Out Of the Camera, meaning no editing).  The sky was amazing that evening!

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