Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Cowboy up!

As I'm sure that you are aware, me and the kids headed back to Iowa at the end of September for a pretty kickin' 3rd birthday party.  Finn was so excited for the party and didn't stop talking about it for at least a week.  The bitin' lil' black bugs that were out during my entire stay (except the last two days) weren't that bad, which made for an excellent party!

Fish got in on the party festivities and took the opportunity to pose with the true mustache man -- Papa.  I can't remember a single time that my dad didn't have a mustache -- not a single time in all my 30-something+ years.  I think there is ONE photo in the albums that my mom keeps that has my dad not sporting his signature 'stache.  So Fish has some work to live up to that one.

Best-est cousins

Fish turned out to be quite the chick magnet.

Soon to be best-est cousins

Papa & Mimi with all the grandkids

Reid totally stretched out through my taking this photos.  It was almost as if he was saying "You think I'm the little one in these photos.  Ha!  I'll show you!"

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