Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Gone fishin' at 36 weeks

---Unscientifically, Fish is weighing in at 22.4 pounds.  And he is 30 inches long!
---We have moved him into size 4 diapers! Size 4!!!  Finn is currently still in size 4 (bedtime only)!!!!  Jeez louise, big dude!  At 8 months, he is in the same size diapers as his big sister!  (which makes buying diapers really easy now)

---He is currently in size 9-12 month tops and but the length of the bottoms are too short.  They fit around the waist, but are serious high-waters, which wouldn't be terrible during warmer months.  But now that autumn is arriving, we need to put him into 12-18 month pants.  He has been in 12-18 month jeans for the last couple of months and they fit a little snug (which I'm not understanding).
---We are still breastfeeding and doing great.  Save one thing -- he has finally reached that period where everything is more interesting than eating.  And EVERY SINGLE TIME I try to feed him, he start to nurse, hears something behind him, and then becomes so distracted looking around that he no longer wants to eat.

---This kid can EAT!  He eats anything that I put in front of him.  He is eating all the fruits and veggies that are recommended for a baby up to eight months.  But that wasn't enough for him. So we now feed him directly off our plates.  He is eating pork, chicken, & beef.  He is eating noodles (not well), bread, bagels, french fries.  I think that I am going to have to get a job just to feed this kid when he gets older.  No far, he hasn't found a food that he hasn't liked...
---Fish is a good sleeper.  He sleeps still sleeps with us.  And he is starting to sleep more -- he will now get up around 4am to eat.  Sometimes he gets up earlier and feeds a lot through the night.  But most of the time, it's about 3am -- 4am that is when he wakes up for the first time.  He is also still quite the napper.  He takes a nap about 90 minutes to 2 hours after getting up.  If this first nap isn't longer than 45 minutes, he will take another nap in the morning.  He also takes a longer nap in the afternoon.  He has cut out his evening nap -- which he still needs, but refuses to nap.  

---Buddy has his two bottom teeth.  He is beginning to pull at his ears again, so I'm wondering if the top ones are going to be sprouting out in the next month or so.  I can't feel them yet and don't see any signs on his gums.
---He is not crawling yet.  He will sit up and reach and stretch over, trying to get whatever is out of his reach.  He will get up on all fours from a sitting position and start rocking.  But he can't seem to figure out how to get his foot past his other knee to move his feet behind him yet.  He is also a big scooter and can get to wherever he needs to go -- but is still very slow at doing this.  (This last fact doesn't make his sister very happy as he is now starting to get into HER things.)
---He is also starting to try and pull himself up onto things.  He isn't pulling himself up on furniture yet.  But he will pull himself up to a kneeing position on his pack 'n play, on the side railing of Finn's bed, and also on my lap.

---He is a big talker.  Lots of squeals and screeches.  He is also starting to do lots of "baba" and "dada", which are the cutest things ever.
---He is such a little sponge with regards to vocabulary.  He knows the cats and dogs names as well as Finn's and his own.  He recognizes and understands lots of words.
---He is also a big clapper.  He claps most of the time after screeching.  He is also a big "wrist roller".  When he gets really excited about something (either good or bad), his arms and wrists start to roll all over the place.  I can always tell when his angry cries are really getting out of hand, because his arms will really get going when he is very mad.  And it's also cute to see him get so excited when I come over and extend my arms to pick him up -- his wrists start going the moment he sees my arms out to come and scoop him up.
---The newest development?  Kisses -- the boy can give some mean kisses.  If you are holding him and make kissing sounds, he will lean over and give you a big smooch!

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  1. Hi guys! Everyone looks great, it's been a while, but I couldn't get in touch via email, so I thought I'd say hi here! Glad you're all happy and well!!