Friday, October 24, 2014

Pumpkin Parade

It seems like every time we go to Iowa, we end up at multiple parades.  This time, we hit up the homecoming parade of our local high school (as well as the pep rally) and then the Anamosa Pumpkin Parade.  The Pumpkin Parade features a contest for the largest pumpkin in Iowa.  And let me tell you, they get pretty big!

We met up with three of Finn & Fish's cousins, Sydney, Lena, & Knoxx.  They were wonderful with Finn as when the candy came flying, they would always make sure that at least one piece ended up in Finn's bucket if she didn't pick up any on her own.  Gramma Dawn, Gramma Nan and Carly were also there.  The parade was long, but Finn had a great time.

This is how Fish spent the entire parade.  It was pretty chilly that day.

See those blobs behind Finn?  Those are the winning pumpkins, with the largest being on the back of that white truck.

This wasn't even close to be one of the bigger ones -- it was just one with nice coloring near the natural light of the door.

Pretty amazing!

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

And here is the big winner!  Weighing in at 1,666 pounds!!!!!!

That's one big pumpkin!

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