Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A Week in the Life (v.2015.3)

For Finn's birthday, I bought some Frozen chocolate eggs (like KinderEggs) -- she watching videos about these things ALL THE TIME.  This is the video of her receiving her first one and how excited she was about it.  The rest of the weekend was looking for eggs and then getting disappointed because there wasn't an egg where she thought there would be one.

While Mimi & Papa were here, Mimi made her famous holiday sugar cookies and we decorated them.  Big hit.

Some Finn Valentine's cookies.

Who was eating more decorations than putting on the cookies?

All our Valentine's cookies.

LOTS and LOTS of decorations


Our LOUD life

Someone didn't feel well for most of the late part of last week -- probably due to a combination of virus, teeth and vaccinations.  Poor baby.

Wearing sister's Frozen crown

Someone is into ballerina moves.

Who says I can't do fancy...  Pork and beans in a cheap plastic container and a glass of wine for dinner.

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