Sunday, February 8, 2015

Birthday Boy

I'm not sure how moms do it...  How they photograph their kid's birthday parties...  I have had two parties in the last week.  I didn't photograph either of them.  I completely forgot -- until it was all over.  Last week, we had a Superbowl party on Fish's birthday.  It wasn't big.  Our neighbors came over.  We didn't do games or presents.  We had football food and a little smash cake for him.  It wasn't high-stress or crazy-chaos.  And I still didn't get any photos of him playing with everyone.  I did get some photos of him eating his cake.

Surprisingly, the ravenous eater didn't want to dig into his cake.  He messed with the top of the frosting, but wouldn't dig in and eat any cake.  He became quite meticulous.  And he ended with some cake on his face and some on his hands.  His clothes were surprisingly spared even without a bib.  I think that Finn ate more of his cake than he did. 

There was quite the snow storm on his birthday.  I think that we ended up with about 12 inches of snow.  The storm came in in the late morning and continued through the next morning.  I had made the comment that if he would have been born exactly a year later, he probably would have been born in the car.  I got very nostalgic on Finn's first birthday and Fish's first was no different.   As the game ended around 10:10pm, the talk turned to Fish's arrival a year prior and our neighbor's role in it.  We were just getting ready to leave for the hospital at that moment, waiting in the garage for one of the neighbor's guest to move his car which was blocking our garage.  Our neighbors give him grief, telling him that I didn't get my epidural because he blocked us in, which really isn't true.  If the nurses didn't believe me as I was telling them that "I go quickly" (which was repeated over and over during the triage process of Fish's delivery) -- I don't think an extra five minutes of me saying "I go quickly" is going to change their minds.  We were in triage for 45 minutes and I was in the delivery room for 15 minutes before he was born (and most of those 15 minutes were me requesting drugs and the doctor telling me it was too late and he was right there -- "I break your water, he is going to come right now").  His arrival definitely spoke of his personality.  "I want it now!  And I want it MY WAY, not your way, Mama!"

The birthday festivities ended with a sip of Guinness -- or just Guinness foam in this case.   Not too sure it went over well.  Ending the post with the same old cliche...  I'm not sure where the year went -- it seems like yesterday we were heading to the hospital to meet him for the very first time.  But now I can't imagine my life without him.   

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