Thursday, February 12, 2015

Birthday Girl

So as I had said in an earlier post, I am a pretty terrible photograph-taker/mom combination at birthday parties this year.  I took about 10 photos at Fish's small party that we held and I took NO photos until after everyone but the last family left. Then I realized my blunder and shot a couple just to say that I did take photos.  Part of my issue is that I have switched over to manual mode on my camera and I really didn't want to mess with metering and exposure charts while all the little people were running around.  My friend asked why I wouldn't just switch it back into an automatic mode and when I thought about it, it just felt that I was taking too big of a step backwards.

I did have another friend take some shots of us singing "happy birthday" to the kids -- but being that Fish wasn't big enough to stand next to me and E didn't bring him closer to the cake, the first photo in the post is the only photo of him and the partially-his birthday cake -- which is why it is included (because Finn didn't make it in the photo -- well, she actually did, but she is the blonde head in the lower right corner with the pink shirt).

But the Frozen party went off without a hitch!  Finn had such a great time -- Fish couldn't care less unless he was put down.  At the beginning of the party, I had made E make the 10-minute rule with me -- "I hold him for 10 minutes, then you take him for 10 minutes" because the kid weighs a ton and my arms start to get sore after 10 minutes.  We invited entire families, so that E could have man support at the kids' party.  It worked really well and he got to meet the husbands of a few of my friends (as did I) and we all drank beer together.

I had spent the week leading up to the party, making myself crazy!  I made at least 10 pounds of homemade play-dough.  We had pink, purple, white, light blue, blue, and dark blue play-dough with lots of glitter in each.  All the kids got to go home with three small containers of play-dough as their favor bag for coming to the party.  I also make homemade slime (light blue and dark blue with glitter), which was the biggest hit of the party.  I threw the slime in there as I knew that there were going to be some boys coming and wanted to give them some "gross things" to play with that I thought the girls wouldn't like.  Apparently, all kids like slime.  There was coloring and puffy painting and lots of food and lots of fun!

Little models

We have been having some growing-pains with Finn lately.  She has sort-of reverted back a year or two and there has been lots of fit throwing and lots of hitting when she doesn't get her way lately.  To say that I was nervous about having 11 kids in my house with a kid who doesn't like to share her toys with her brother was an understatement.  In fact, the night before the party her behavior was at a peak level and we even told her that we were going to cancel her party the next day because I couldn't have her hitting and throwing toys other kids.  But my nerves were all for nothing and she was an angel at the party!  She even shared her brand-new play-dough ice-cream cone maker with all the other girls, taking turns pushing the play-dough through the machine to make ice cream cones.  She did great and we made sure to tell her how proud of her we were for her good-girl behavior and turn-taking attitude.

And the tear-jerking moment of the weekend?  On the morning of her birthday party, we were scurrying around the house cleaning up and Finn comes up to me and asks me "Mommy?  Is Bishop coming to my birthday party?"  I froze and instantly tears sprung to my eyes.  If you remember, Bishop was our old dog who passed away two weeks after Fish was born.  Well, we told Finn that she has went to Kelly's house, who was E's dog who passed away about 8 years ago but Finn had asked about her through photos that we had up in the house.  I didn't want to break her heart in telling her that Bishop wouldn't be coming, so I told her that Kelly's house was really far away and that Munk was going to take lots of memories and tell her all about the great time at the party later, that I'm sure that Bishop would have really wanted to be there but it was just too far away.  Ugh.  Hard moment for me as I still miss Bishop quite a bit.

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